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Availability: Obsolete
OBSOLETE RS485 Multidrop Repeater 120 VAC

Production Specification

*** This product is obsolete and no longer available. ***

RS485 Multidrop Repeater 120 VAC

AC30A and AC30B

Power Requirements


115 VAC ± 10 VAC @ 50–60 Hz
220 VAC ± 20 VAC @ 50–60 Hz

Power Consumption

0.1 amps @ 115 VAC
5 watts (dissipation)

Temperature Range

0 to 70 °C
0 to 95% Humidity (non-condensing)




RS-422/485 (4-40 screw terminals)

Baud Rate

Up to 38,400 baud


Up to 5,000 feet (RS-422/485)


Half-duplex over two twisted pairs plus a signal common
with automatic transmit enable for multidrop


Transmit, receive, and power


RS422/RS485 Multidrop Repeater Data Sheet

*** NOTE: The AC30A and AC30B are obsolete and no longer available. ***
Please contact Opto 22 Pre-Sales engineers to discuss options for your specific application.

The AC30A and AC30B adapter cards provide the ability to extend a multidrop RS-485 c30Aommunications link beyond 5,000 feet and also allow branching from an RS-422/RS-485 link.

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