Sparkplug Community Meeting

Event Location: Virtual meeting - 8:00 am PDT
Event Date and Time: Thursday, March 24, 2022

Please join us on March 24th for a Sparkplug Community meeting.

Ready to jump in the Sparkplug ecosystem? Unsure about where to start? The goal of this meeting of the Sparkplug community is to help you plan your adoption strategy. 

The demand for interoperability of industrial systems has never been stronger. Sparkplug is an open protocol that provides operations with the data they need while fulfilling the security requirements of IT. Sparkplug is built on the proven MQTT protocol and makes plug-and-play Industrial IoT solutions possible.

If you are an end-user looking for Sparkplug-compatible products, you will learn where to find them. If you are a hardware or software provider planning to support Sparkplug in your products, you will hear from current members of the ecosystem who are doing that right now. If you are someone looking to influence the present and future of the Sparkplug specification, you will learn how to do so. 

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