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Case Study: Sweetening Natural Gas

New Sky Energy scrubber uses Opto 22 SNAP PAC System for automation

Much of the world's natural gas is "sour"—mixed with acidic gases that corrode pipes and pumps, are difficult to remove, and typically leave noxious sulfur waste behind.

Now Colorado-based New Sky Energy has a solution to this problem: SulfurCycle.

Our latest case study takes a look at New Sky's innovative and automated process.

Reducing costs, providing remote process control, and generating useful chemical by-products are just three of their sweet results.

Read the New Sky Energy case study.

Beer and Hockey Pucks

Attendees at Automation Technology Expo West check out Opto 22's groov

Opto 22 engineers answered questions and demonstrated groov at Automation Technology Expo West last week in Anaheim, California.

Opto 22's Matt Newton blogged about one question from an Expo attendee, a serious issue for anyone who brews—or likes to drink—beer. Read Beer Lovers...We've got a problem.

Some other questions were pretty interesting, too, and we thought we'd share the answers with you here in OptoNews.

"Do you guys still make those hockey puck relays? I love those things."

Yes, sir, we surely do make and sell a lot of SSRs. We've even added some new models, like the heatsink series with an integral heatsink for easier installation. Among our most popular SSRs are the DC Power Series and the MP series. Did you know that nearly all of our SSRs come with a lifetime warranty?

"How do I give other people visibility of what's happening on the production floor without giving them access to break something or ruin the batch?"

Here's how: groov. When you build your groov mobile interface, build one page with data for the people who need visibility. Then build a second page with controls, if needed, for technicians whose job it is to control processes. You determine exactly what's on each page and who has access to it.

Building pages is super easy (just drag, drop, and tag), and your mobile interface can be securely viewed on virtually any smartphone or tablet.

"How do I implement a control system without knowing ladder logic?"

Ladder logic is tough to learn. Flowcharts are much more intuitive. That's why we built PAC Control automation software on flowcharting, with plain-English commands, and names you choose for variables and I/O. Scripting within the flowchart is optional, and a natural for those of you with a little programming experience.

And don't be fooled by the fact that it's free software; you'll find PAC Control powerful and flexible.

"We're looking for a control system that can scale up easily, but something we can start small with."

The SNAP PAC System is your best bet. You can start with just a rack-mounted SNAP PAC controller and the I/O you need initially; you pay only for hardware because PAC Control software—and Product Support—are free.

When you want to expand, you can add more racks with brains (local processors) and I/O. SNAP I/O includes analog, digital, and serial modules with 1 to 32 points in each module and a huge variety of signal types. And like our SSRs, most of our I/O comes with a lifetime warranty.

Add the new I/O and variables to your existing flowcharts or add more charts as needed. When your system gets much bigger you may need a standalone SNAP PAC controller, but since the new controller can run the same control program, you're still in business. Learn more about the SNAP PAC System.

If you've got questions about how best to approach your automation application, contact us. Our knowledgeable pre-sales engineers are happy to help.

Mexicali Supply Expo 2015 en Mexicali

SPS Automation India

Visítenos en Mexicali Supply Expo 2015, el 26 de febrero en Mexicali, B.C., México en el Stand #703.

Ing. Norma Rodriguez de Opto 22, acompañada por Ing. José Báez e Ing. Mario Hernandez de representante Unlimited Electro, mostrarán SNAP PAC y groov.

Mexicali Supply Expo 2015 contará con los siguientes sectores de la industria: Energía Renovables, Plástica, Electrónica, Productos Médicos, Metalmecánico, Automotriz y Aeroespacial, y será conformado por empresas maquiladoras instaladas en México. Para mayor información, visite Mexicali Supply Expo.

Mexicali Supply Expo
Fecha: 26 de febrero, 2015
Donde: Parque Industrial El Dorado, Mexicali, B.C.
Hora: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

First Team Supplier and Engineers' Choice

Automation World First Team Supplier Award

Thank you for your votes and your continued support!

You and engineers like you chose Opto 22 as a Leadership in Automation First Team Supplier in Automation World's 2014 survey of readers. Opto 22 won First Team designation in two categories: Data Acquisition Hardware and Mobility.

The First Team survey is especially significant because it asks readers to write in their best suppliers rather than choosing from a list of names. See list of honorees.

In addition, the GROOV-AR1 mobile operator interface appliance won an Honorable Mention in Control Engineering's Engineers' Choice Awards in the category Software - Mobile Apps for Controls, Automation, Instrumentation.

We're honored by these awards and thank YOU for your confidence in Opto 22 service and products.

Tech Tip: Debugging PAC Control Strategies

PAC Control development software

Debugging your PAC Control strategy can take time, but these tips can help you.

It's usually best to start debugging by stepping through your strategy one flowchart block at a time. Before you start, though, remember that if you're debugging a running process, the speed you see the chart stepping through is the same speed your process will run. So make sure that limit switches and other parts of your process are OK at the slower debugging speed.

Changing debugger mode

Step Over button in PAC Control

In Debug mode, run the strategy, select the chart to debug, and then pause it. Use the Step Over button to go through the chart one block at a time. The Step Over button may be all you need to find any problems.

If not, try changing to Full Debug, so you can step into blocks to pinpoint problems. Full Debug is especially useful if you use OptoScript.

To change, go back to Configure mode, and from the Configure menu, choose Full Debug. Download the strategy again (because it downloads more information to support Full Debug). When you enter Debug mode again, you can step into any block and step through its instructions one at a time.

Once you've finished debugging, it's best to change back to Minimal Debug and download once more. In Minimal Debug, less information is downloaded to the control engine, so it's faster to download and run the strategy.

Changing debugger speed

Changing debugger speed in PAC Control

Debugger speed can affect Autostepping speed. To slow down Autostepping speed, you can change debugger speed.

1. In Debug mode, choose Debug > Options. Or in Configure mode, choose Configure > Options.

2. Click the Debugger tab.

3. Click and drag the slider to the speed you want. The default speed is shown in the figure at right. Since performance varies, you may need to experiment to find the best speed for your purpose.

For more on debugging, see the Debugging section in Chapter 7, "Working with Strategies" in the PAC Control User's Guide (form #1700).


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