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New 8-channel Voltage/Current Output Module

SNAP-AOVA-8 - Opto 22 multifunction 8-channel analog output module

Our latest SNAP analog module, SNAP-AOVA-8, gives you 8 channels that you can individually configure for any one of six voltage or current output ranges:

0 to 5 VDC
0 to 10 VDC
-5 to +5 VDC
-10 to +10 VDC

4 to 20 mA
0 to 20 mA

With 8 channels and this kind of flexibility per channel, you'll find the SNAP-AOVA-8 useful for any location where you have limited rack space and a variety of devices to drive.

Opto 22's 8-channel SNAP-AOVA-8 analog output module and SNAP-HD-20F6 cable

The new module uses the SNAP-HD-20F6 cable for wiring. This 6-foot-long cable sports a new thin, flexible sheath that's easier to use in tight areas. It has a 20-pin connector at the module end and flying leads for field wiring.

For cleaner wiring to field devices, you can also use up to four of the new modules and cables with a SNAP-TEX-32 breakout board.

See the SNAP-AOVA-8 multifunction output module.
See the SNAP-HD-20F6 cable.

NOTE: The SNAP-AOVA-8 requires a SNAP PAC brain or rack-mounted controller with firmware R9.4b or higher, and PAC Project R9.4005 or higher.

New PAC Project 9.4005 Release

PAC Project Professional Automation Software Suite

To support the new SNAP-AOVA-8, we've just released PAC Project R9.4005.

You'll need this new software release plus firmware R9.4b for your SNAP PAC controller or brain in order to take advantage of the new analog output module.

PAC Project 9.4005 also includes:

  • Expanded module scaling in PAC Control and PAC Manager. Now you can scale all point types on any scalable module.
  • Additional options for connecting PAC Manager to serial brains through a PC serial port
  • Improved diagnostic logging in OptoOPCServer
  • Fixes for several issues including PAC Display Find Tags issues

See the PAC Project Readme for details on all the new features and updates.

Download PAC Project Basic
Download PAC Project Professional

Automation Shows in California and India

Join us this week and next for SPS Automation in Gujarat, India and Automation Technology Expo West in Anaheim, California.

SPS Automation India

SPS Automation India
When: 5-7 February 2015
Where: Hall No. 2, Mahatma Mandir, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Information & registration

From sensors and electronics to complete automation systems and system integration, you'll see it all at SPS Automation India. Join Opto 22's Gerhard Kreiling and OptoPartner Masibus at Booth D14.

Automation Technology Expo West

Automation Technology Expo West, California
When: 10-12 February 2015
Where: Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California
Information & registration

You'll see live demonstrations of the newest products and technologies in aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics, food and beverage, and industrial products at Automation Technology Expo West.

Stop by to see Opto 22's groov at Booth 4189. groov is the mobile operator interface tool that puts your system on your mobile with no programming or coding.

Tech Tip: Rotating groov Pages

Monitoring factory KPIs on a large TV screen using a groov operator interface

People get excited about groov because they can monitor and control automation systems and equipment from their smartphones.

And it's true, groov makes it simple to build your own mobile app for just the equipment and systems you want to see.

But since groov pages scale so well, some people use them on larger screens, too—not just on tablets and phones but on PCs and large TVs. A web-enabled TV can clearly show key performance indicators, system status, and problems in a factory or control room.

What if you want to show more than one groov page on a TV, though? You can't touch the big screen to switch pages. But you can put two or more pages on an automatic loop. This tip shows you how.

Let's say you have three pages of your groov project you want to cycle through automatically. Because groov runs in any modern web browser, you can use a browser plugin or add-on like this free one for Chrome called Revolver - Tabs. (This example is for Chrome, but similar plugins or add-ons are available for other browsers.)

Revolver - Tabs icon in Chrome browser

Once you've installed the plugin, you can click its icon (shown at right) and the browser tabs you have open will automatically begin cycling.

Here's how to make this work with your groov project.

  1. Build your pages in groov Build.
  2. Switch to groov View in your browser. Open a separate tab for each page you want to see.
  3. Click the plugin icon. The tabs begin to cycle.
  4. To adjust the cycle, first click the icon again to stop rotation, and then right-click the icon and choose Options. Enter the number of seconds you want the pages to be visible, and click Save.

Revolver - Tabs options

We also recommend unchecking Reload, so that each page is not reloaded every time it switches. Reloading slows down the action and usually isn't required.

Would you like to see this tip in a video? Watch groov Workshop: Revolving Tabs


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