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New Updates: SNAP PAC Firmware 9.4b and groov 2.3b


Two new updates are available now:

  • SNAP PAC controller & brain firmware R9.4b
  • groov 2.3b for the groov Box and groov Server for Windows.

SNAP PAC controller & brain firmware R9.4b adds support for *(sneak preview!)* a new multifunction voltage/current analog output module that we'll be releasing in the next week or two. The firmware also resolves several issues, including appending data to a file on microSD cards and accessing analog points using SNMP. Read all about the release in the SNAP PAC Firmware Readme.

You can download the new firmware from our website. Click Support > Downloads, choose Firmware from the "Filter by" dropdown list, and find the file for your SNAP PAC controller or brain. Or if you have several models, you can download the firmware file for all SNAP PAC products.

groov logo

groov 2.3b for groov Box and groov Server adds the ability to use security-enabled IP cameras with the proxy setting for groov's Video gadget. The release also fixes some issues with trends. For complete information, see the groov App Readme.

Also, if you'd like to include Modbus/TCP devices in your groov mobile operator interface (without needing an OPC UA server) and haven't gotten your upgrade to groov 2.3, now is a great time to get it.

If you already have a groov Box or groov Server and your maintenance agreement is up to date, you can get groov 2.3 free of charge:

  1. Go to manage.groov.com and log in.
  2. In the Details column for your groov, click Show.
  3. For a groov Box, click the groov App R2.3 file. For groov Server for Windows, click the groov Server R2.3 file.
  4. Save the file to your computer.
  5. Install the update. For help, see "Updating groov" in the groov User's Guide.

See the World's Largest HVACR Expo

2015 AHR Expo logo

Start the new year off by joining Opto 22 in Chicago early next week for the 2015 AHR Expo: The World's Largest HVACR Marketplace.

With over 1900 exhibitors, this show presents the latest products and technology trends in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) industry. Along with the expo, you'll find educational seminars, workshops, and new product presentations.

Visit Opto 22 in booth 3859, located in the South Hall's Building Automation and Control Showcase. See a demonstration of groov and learn how easy it is to build a mobile interface for just about any automation system or equipment.

2015 AHR Expo
When: January 26-28
Where: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
Information and registration

Video: Dispositivos Modbus/TCP desde su móvil

video: Ver y controlar dispositivos Modbus/TCP desde su móvil

The big news in the new groov R2.3 is that you can add Modbus/TCP devices to your groov mobile operator interface without needing an OPC tag server—or any protocol converters.

So now you can monitor and control thousands of level sensors, rotary encoders, drives, and meters right from your smartphone or tablet.

If you only need to communicate with Modbus/TCP and SNAP PAC devices (not with OPC UA-compatible automation systems), you can save by purchasing the less expensive GROOV-AR1-SNAP groov Box or GROOV-SVR-WIN-SNAP groov Server. See the groov Data Sheet for more information.

video: groov 2.3 communicates directly with Modbus/TCP devices

Watch our videos to learn more about Modbus/TCP with groov:

- Ver y controlar dispositivos Modbus/TCP desde su móvil

- View and control Modbus/TCP devices

Tech Tip: Mean, Median, Variance, Standard Deviation

PAC Control subroutine

A recent question on the OptoForum asked about calculations like Average for a table of data.

Although PAC Control has no built-in commands for Mean, Median, or other interesting statistics you may want, we have an easy solution—two, in fact.

Both solutions utilize subroutines. With subroutines you can create your own PAC Control commands and use them wherever you need them. Subroutines are a handy solution for calculations or processes you expect to use more than once in a strategy or in multiple strategies.

Solution #1: Opto 22's Director of Training, Mary St. John, just uploaded a sample subroutine that provides calculations for mean, median, variance, and standard deviation. You can download the free subroutine, include it in your 9.3 or newer PAC Control strategy, and you'll see new "GetTableStats" commands show up in your list of command options.

To get the subroutine, scroll to the bottom of this OptoForum thread: Subroutines 201.

Solution #2: A more specific, detailed solution comes from OptoPartner Alfred Stadnicki of Controlled Environment Structures. Designed for manufacturers using Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP), these subroutines make it easy to calculate dispersion, minimize waste, and proactively address problems before falling out of spec.

For more information and to contact Alfred, see this SPC/GMP Subroutines OptoNews item from 2010.


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