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groov 2.3 Connects Directly to Modbus/TCP Devices

video: groov 2.3 communicates directly with Modbus/TCP devices

Here's a major new update for groov: version 2.3 now adds direct communication with Modbus/TCP devices like level sensors, rotary encoders, drives, and meters.

This means that you can monitor and control these devices directly from your smartphone or tablet, without requiring an OPC-UA server.

groov acts as a Modbus/TCP master for slave devices connected over standard, non-proprietary Ethernet networks. You don't need intermediary servers, protocol converters, or communications interfaces. So hardware planning and costs are reduced, and setup is streamlined.

Watch the video to learn more about groov with Modbus/TCP.

If you already have groov, you can get this major update for free (have your My.Opto22 login and password ready, and make sure your maintenance is up to date).

New Log Viewer in groov 2.3

groov 2.3 adds a log viewer for troubleshooting

In addition to direct Modbus/TCP communication, groov 2.3 also includes a new feature that can help you track progress or troubleshoot issues in your groov project: the log viewer.

groov keeps a log file, and now you can see it, change the level of data that's presented, and sort that data to show what you need.

To see the log, in groov Build choose Help > View logs. The default level of INFO is typically the most useful, but you can show much more detail or download all details to a text file if you wish.

For more about the log viewer, see "Viewing Log Messages" in the latest version of the groov User's Guide.

Workshop Videos: Back up & Restore groov

groov workshop videos

Two new groov workshop videos show you how to back up and restore your groov project:

We have quite a few groov workshop videos now, so be sure to check them out if you have questions about using groov. On groov.com, click Use groov > How-to Videos and scroll through the list of videos at the bottom.


Tech Tip: 3 Quick PAC Control Tips

PAC Control

Here are three quick tips for a faster new year with PAC Control.

1. Skip the splash. In a hurry? When you first open PAC Control, you can skip the splash screen by just clicking on it. You're ready to open your strategy just that much faster.

2. Inspect from a block. Need to quickly inspect a variable or an I/O point? If you're inside a block in your flowchart, just right-click an item to inspect it. In an OptoScript block, highlight the item first, then right-click it. (This is one of our Opto 22 quick tips videos.) Of course you can also inspect an item from within the Strategy Tree by right-clicking it and choosing Inspect.

3. Open a watch window fast. In Debug mode, just right-click an item (variable, I/O point, chart) in the Strategy Tree and choose Watch. You can add it to an existing Watch window or create a new one.

Have some quick tips of your own? Why not share them in the OptoForum. The forum is a great place to ask and answer questions and share your tips and code. And it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. See you at the OptoForum!


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