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Integrate HART Devices with New SDK


This free SNAP PAC .NET HART Software Development Kit (SDK) helps you develop a .NET or Mono custom program to communicate with new HART® SNAP I/O modules.

These modules open up communication with smart devices, such as field-mounted process transmitters and analyzers, that use the Highway Addressable Remote Transducer (HART) protocol.

Choose the HART SNAP I/O modules you need:

We developed the SDK for those of you who are using HART SNAP I/O modules without a SNAP PAC controller. (If you're using a SNAP PAC controller and PAC Control strategy, you don't need the SDK.)

HART SNAP I/O modules

The SDK library supports Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010, as well as Mono 3.2.7 or newer. All documentation is included in the SDK, and a new technical note gets you started.

Download the free SNAP PAC .NET HART SDK.
Read the SDK Technical Note.

Learn more about HART SNAP I/O.

Share groov Videos in Italian, French, Spanish

Video: Comment utiliser groov?

Now you can share groov videos in four languages with your colleagues and clients.

These videos show how groov makes it easier to monitor production, mobilize field technicians, and create machine interfaces:

These videos show how easy it is to get started with groov:

Engineer Blogger Brings New Perspective

Matt Newton of Opto 22

Interested in the Internet of Things, data security, and new technical hurdles for our industry?

So is our new blogger, Matt Newton.

Matt came to work at Opto 22 a little over 2 years ago. He'd always wanted to work for a company that designed and built their own products from the ground up in their own factory. (Hey, that's what we do here at Opto!)

With several years as a systems engineer and field applications engineer in embedded systems design and wireless embedded technology, Matt has a strong background in information technology (IT) and network security.

On weekends you're likely to find Matt somewhere outdoors, dirt biking or camping with family.

Read Matt's latest blog post, The rise of the data economy through IoT.
Connect with Matt on LinkedIn.

Tech Tip: Free Updates for OptoMMP SDKs and Protocol Guide


If you write your own custom programs using the OptoMMP protocol, or if you use memory map addresses to communicate with SNAP PAC controllers and brains, this tech tip is for you.

We've just published updated versions of our free OptoMMP software development toolkits and added new addresses to the OptoMMP Protocol Guide, form 1465.

Feel free to download any or all of these:

C++ OptoMMP Software Development Kit for SNAP PAC—C++ SDK for Windows (includes ActiveX controls), Linux, and OS X. The SDK lets you use programming tools such as Visual Basic or C++. If you're using ActiveX, check out the ActiveX OptoMMP Technical Note.

.NET OptoMMP Software Development Kit for SNAP PAC—100% managed SDK for developers using .NET. Also see the .NET OptoMMP SDK Technical Note, which gets you started using the SDK.

OptoMMP Protocol Guide, form 1465—Your complete guide to the open OptoMMP protocol used by all SNAP PAC brains and controllers. Includes configuring I/O points and features, using event reactions and PID loops, the open protocol itself (for you die-hard pure-protocol fans) and the complete memory map. We've added new memmap addresses for HART SNAP I/O modules and flexible custom areas, where you can create and read or write to a set of non-contiguous addresses for custom streaming or block reads and writes.

Questions? If you have questions or need help, contact Opto 22 Product Support. Product Support is always free.


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