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Case Study: Students Upgrade 7 Control Systems

University of Utah ICGRF control system diagram

When the University of Utah's Industrial Combustion and Gasification Research Facility (ICGRF) upgraded 7 automation systems with 1,360 points, 4 engineering students did most of the work.

The facility studies coal, shale oil, natural gas, municipal waste, biomass, and other energy resources found in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. Students get hands-on experience with control systems and processes used in the oil, gas, coal, and utility industries.

As in many commercial businesses, the ICGRF's legacy systems still worked, but they were islands of control. The facility needed an integrated, plant-wide control system so operators and research engineers could manage everything from a central location.

Find out how they did it in our new case study.

Which Mobile App?

groov View on iOS

So you're thinking about using your mobile phone or tablet to manage your automation system. And you've heard us talk about Opto iPAC, Opto aPAC, and groov View for iOS and Android.

But what's the difference between them? And aside from the make of your phone, why would you choose one versus another?

A new comparison page and a new tech note answer your questions. Compare the two types of apps and see the best ways to use them. Find out:

  • Which manufacturer's control systems you can use with each app
  • What's included in the user interface—or not
  • Key differences in networking and security
  • And more

See the mobile app comparison page.
Read the Opto 22 Mobile Apps for Automation Technical Note.

See Us in Mexico City and Nuremberg

Come join us later this month at two trade shows on opposite sides of the world.

Plastimagen 2014 Mexico City

Mexico City—Plastimagen Mexico 2014 is the most important business forum for the plastics industry in Mexico and Latin America. Opto 22 Engineer Norma Rodriguez and Opto 22 distributor Instrumentación y Control 22 will be there.

With the theme "Plastics... because sustainability matters," the show brings together companies from many manufacturing industries, including automotive, medical devices, construction, packaging, agricultural, and electromechanical.

When: 18–21 November 2014
Where: Centro Banamex, Mexico City, Mexico
More information: Plastimagen Mexico 2014

SPS IPC Drives 2014

Nuremberg—Now in its 25th year, SPS IPC Drives is Europe's leading exhibition for electric automation. Join Opto 22's Gerhard Kreiling at the exhibition and see demonstrations of the SNAP PAC System and groov.

At SPS IPC Drives, you'll meet suppliers of electric automation technology from around the world and see products, trends, and innovations first-hand. Come and find the solutions you need.

When: 25–27 November 2014
Where: Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Messeplatz 1, 90471 Nuremberg, Germany
More information: SPS IPC Drives

Tech Tip: Find All Your Opto Devices

Here's a handy tip, especially if you have a lot of Opto 22 Ethernet-based devices on your network.

You can use this method to find out an IP address, see what firmware each device has, and more. It works for all Opto 22 brains and controllers that use the OptoMMP protocol, including:

  • SNAP PAC brains and controllers, including SoftPAC
  • E1 and E2 brain boards
  • Legacy SNAP Ethernet, SNAP Ultimate, and SNAP Simple brains, and SNAP-LCE controllers
  • G4EB2 brains
  • OptoEMU Sensors

Here's how it's done:

  1. Open PAC Manager (Start > Programs > Opto 22 > PAC Project > PAC Manager).
  2. In the PAC Manager main window, from the Tools menu, choose Find Opto 22 MMP devices.
  3. When the dialog box opens, click the Find button at lower left.

All the Opto 22 devices on your network will appear.

Find OptoMMP Devices

You can use this list in a lot of ways.

If you need an IP address, find the brain or controller's MAC address in the list, and you'll see its IP. (The MAC address is on the white label on the device.)

To inspect any device, double-click it in the list.

To sort the list, click on any column heading. For example, click the "Unit Type" column heading to sort by device type, so you'll see all your SNAP-PAC-R1s together.

Or click the "Firmware" column heading to see the firmware version each device currently has. You can even update firmware from here if you wish:

  1. Highlight the device(s) you want to update (if more than one, they must have exactly the same part number) and then double-RIGHT-click the highlighted list.
  2. When the Maintenance window opens, locate the correct firmware file, make sure the correct IP addresses are highlighted, and click Execute.

Questions? If you have questions or need help, contact Opto 22 Product Support. Product Support is free.


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