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PAC Control Sample Subroutines for HART I/O

HART SNAP I/O modules

In the last OptoNews you learned about the new HART SNAP I/O modules: analog input and output modules that let you communicate with smart devices like field-mounted process transmitters and analyzers that use the HART protocol.

The new modules are designed to be used with your PAC Control strategy and SNAP PAC controllers. We added several new commands to the most recent version of PAC Control specifically for these modules.

Now you can get sample subroutines to help you incorporate HART into your SNAP PAC System more easily. Included in the free download:

  • 14 PAC Control subroutines—one subroutine for each of 14 universal HART commands
  • An example flowchart using the subroutines

Once you've wired the HART device to the module and run the example strategy, you'll be able to communicate with the device.

Download the free sample subroutines.
Learn more about the new HART SNAP I/O modules.

Renew your groov Maintenance


If you've had your groov Box or groov Server for almost a year now, you'll soon be seeing a renewal email for groov Maintenance.

What is groov Maintenance? It's simple: groov Maintenance lets you get groov updates for free.

When you purchase groov, one year of maintenance is included. That means that for one year following the date you first activate your groov, you can download and install groov updates for free.

groov updates include new features (like new gadgets and the Stash), enhancements to features (like more pens for realtime trends), and patches as needed.

When that first year is over, you'll want to renew Maintenance so you can still get updates for free.

We'll send you a couple of reminder emails, and you can just follow the link and instructions in the email to renew.

It's important to know that the email is for a specific groov, and the quote you'll get for the renewal cost (10% of the retail price for your groov) is tied to that one groov.

You'll also want to know that renewal extends from the expiration date, not from the date you purchase renewal.

For more information, see the groov Maintenance Technical Note, form 2130.
And watch for your renewal email.

Pioneer Energy Manages Flare Gas

Pioneer Energy MAGS truck with Opto 22 control system

Colorado-based Pioneer Energy has a solution to one of the biggest environmental problems associated with oil drilling: natural gas flaring.

Natural gas is usually recovered when drilling for oil, yet many new drilling areas lack pipelines and other infrastructure to transport and process the gas in its raw form. So the gas is burned, or flared, at the drilling site, wasting potential energy and harming air quality.

Pioneer's solution? A mobile truck called a Mobile Alkane Gas Separator, or MAGS, that goes where it's needed to manage flare gases from oil and gas wells and process them into usable products: methane, ethane, and liquids like butane and propane.

Processing happens right there on the truck, all controlled by—you guessed it—an Opto 22 SNAP PAC System.

In the image at right, Opto 22's Matt Newton, Benson Hougland, and Bob Sheffres look at the control panel with Pioneer Energy controls engineer Andy Young. [Photo: Kathryn Scott Osler, The Denver Post]

Read more about Pioneer Energy's solution in The Denver Post.

Tech Tip: Logging to ODBC databases in PAC Display

PAC Display Professional

Here's a tip on how to use a great new feature in PAC Display Pro 9.4: logging to ODBC databases.

This new version of PAC Display Professional lets you configure an ODBC database for logging SuperTrend, Historic Log, and Runtime Operator Action data files. Supported databases are MySQL, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft SQL Server.

The PAC Display User's Guide (form 1702) walks you through the steps:

• First, you'll need to have a database already created.

• Second, you'll use Windows Run... to designate the ODBC data source.

• Third, you'll configure the connection to the database in PAC Display.

After that, you can choose the database as an option when saving a SuperTrend or logging historic and operator action files.

For steps, see "Configuring an ODBC Data Source" in the PAC Display User's Guide (page 58).

Questions? As always, if you have questions or need help, contact Opto 22 Product Support. Product Support is free.


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