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Videos: Use Trends, Colors in groov

Video: Using trends in groov

Check out these two new How-to Workshop videos for groov:

Using the Trend gadget in groovgroov 2.2 makes real-time trends much more flexible, with up to 4 pens, up to 7 days of data, and more. Watch this new video and see how to add the trends you need for your application.

Working with colors in groovgroov 2.2 also adds a number of new darker background colors for the mobile interfaces you build. In the video you'll learn tips on using the new colors and watch gadgets automatically change color when you change the background.

Have you updated your groov yet? If not, get groov 2.2 at manage.groov.com now so you can use the new trends and colors—and all the new features.

Vote for a World Leader

Leadership in Automation logo

Vote for excellence!

Automation World invites automation professionals to recognize innovation, leadership and excellence among suppliers of automation software, technology and products.

That's how Automation World introduces their Leadership in Automation program for 2014 and asks you to vote for suppliers that make your job easier and your projects better.

Leadership in Automation logo

Vote now at Automation World for your favorite automation supplier. We hope it's Opto 22!
And if we're not your favorite automation supplier, email us and let us know what we can do to earn your vote.

It's also time to vote in Design World's Leadership in Engineering categories. Find Opto 22's entry under the Software category—it's groov, of course—the simple and secure way to put your automation system on your mobile.

We'd sure appreciate your vote! Vote now at Design World.

Exposición de Automatización en Tijuana, México

Unlimited Electro logo

Visite OptoDistribuidor Unlimited Electro y Opto 22 en una nueva exposición en Tijuana el 8 y 9 de Octubre, 2014.

Escuche pláticas de representantes de varios fabricantes acerca temas como seguridad, motores paso a paso, y acceso móvil a su sistema de automatización.

Escuche la plática acerca de groov el 9 de Octubre por Ing. Norma Rodríguez de Opto 22. Norma mostrará qué fácil es el monitoreo y el control de los equipos de Allen Bradley y los Sistemas de SNAP PAC desde un dispositivo móvil.

Unlimited Electro distribuye los productos de Opto 22 en Baja California y en San Diego.

Exposición de Automatización
Cuándo: Miércoles 8 al Jueves 9 de Octubre, 2014
Dónde: World Trade Center, Tijuana, México
Horario de Exposición: 10:00 a 18:00 hrs.
Registración es limitada y cierra el 3 de Octubre.
Contacte a Diana Meza de Unlimited Electro para mayór información.

Tech Tip: Tabs in PAC Display

Tabs in PAC Project Demo

Have you ever been faced with a complex window in PAC Display and wished you could use tabs to hide and show just the parts you want at any given time?

Well, you can use tabs, and this tip from the OptoForums shows you how.

In response to a customer question, our graphic artist John Garrett explains how he creates tabs in PAC Display by using operator-driven attributes.

A good sample of how he does it is in the PAC Project Demo, shown at right. When the operator clicks one of the red tabs along the top of the window, a different interface appears.

For an even more complex windows-within-a-window type of interface, you can use pointers in PAC Control to change the data that's presented.

Learn more about tabs in PAC Display and pointers in PAC Control in the OptoForum post.


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