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New groov 2.2: Better Trends, Colors, New Button

Trend in groov 2.2

groov 2.2 is now released! It's a free update and it includes new and improved features you'll want to have, like these:

  • Improvements to trends:
    • Track more data with up to four pens
    • Track data longer—up to seven days
    • See data on two axes
    • Choose longer scan rates if you need them
  • New dark backgrounds up to black. When you change background colors, gadgets automatically change color as needed to remain visible.

  • New gadget: Momentary Button. This new gadget works just like a normally open/normally closed pushbutton: it sends one value when pushed and another value when released. Handy for tasks such as jogging a drive feed or panning an IP camera.

  • A new Stash area:
    • Want to show a gadget on PCs and tablets, but hide it on smartphones? Just drag it to the Stash in the Handheld view. It won't appear on the small screen but will still be there on bigger screens.
    • Need to save a gadget you're working on but not ready to roll out? Stash it! It'll be saved but not visible to your users.

These are just a few of the changes in groov 2.2. There are lots more. See what else is included here in the Readme file.

Update your groov now:

  1. Go to manage.groov.com and log in.
  2. In the Details column for your groov, click Show.
  3. For a groov Box, click the groov App R2.2 file. For groov Server, click the groov Server R2.2 file.
  4. Save the file to your computer.
  5. Install the update. For help, see "Updating groov" in the groov User's Guide.

Or watch an update video: Update groov App for the groov Box or Update groov App for groov Server

SNAP TEX for Faster Wiring

SNAP TEX accessories

SNAP TEX wiring tools and accessories help you wire and commission your SNAP I/O faster and more easily.

Breakout boards move field wiring to a larger work area and often provide built-in fusing. Some offer special features; for example, the SNAP-TEX-MR10-16 includes mechanical relays that let you switch up to 10 A per point from a SNAP-ODC5-i or similar module.

Pre-built cables plug into the top of an I/O module so you can connect all points in a snap (pun intended). No need to wire individual points.

New connector caps keep your unused I/O module slots on a SNAP PAC rack clean and dust-free.

Jumper straps let you easily make jumper connections on a SNAP digital I/O module or between modules.

And there's more. See the data sheets:

Design World Highlights the New groov Box

Design World highlights groov Box for mobile operator interfaces

In a new video on YouTube, Design World Managing Editor Leslie Langnau introduces the second-generation groov Box—fanless, compact, and industrially hardened.

The video highlights how you would use the new groov Box and includes a short getting-started piece by our own Ben Orchard.

Ben shows how to set up the groov Box, link to an OPC-UA tag server and an Opto 22 SNAP PAC controller, and build a simple interface—all in just about three minutes.

The groov interface can be used on a wide variety of mobile devices as well as laptops and PCs. In fact you'll see Ben turn off the lights using his Android smartphone and turn them back on using an iPad. Pretty cool.

Watch the Design World video.

New Quick Tech Tip Videos

Opto 22 quick tip video

Here's a new resource we've just added for tech tips: short videos.

In about a minute, each of these new Quick Tip videos shows you a tip that will save you time in PAC Control, OptoScript, PAC Display, or even in searching on websites in general.

We'll be adding more Quick Tip videos in the next several weeks, so be sure to check back or watch our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook) for new ones.

See video tips.


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