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Opto 22 and Allen-Bradley in the Same Mobile Interface

groov video - mobile made simple

You've heard us talk about groov, the one tool that makes it easy to build an operator interface to your automation system that you can use on virtually any mobile device, regardless of manufacturer, operating system, or size.

Our new Mobile Made Simple video shows how you can monitor and control both Opto 22 and other automation systems through the same mobile app. Watch Opto 22 Engineer Ben Orchard quickly build a simple interface that includes a control tag from an Opto 22 controller and an indicator from an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC.

With no programming and no coding, you can be managing your system(s) on your device before you know it. Watch the Mobile Made Simple video.

B1 and B2 Migration: Quickly Set or Read Jumpers

E1, E2, B1, and B2 jumper configurator

Here's a great new visual tool to help you set jumpers on E1, E2, B1, and B2 brain boards—or read current jumper settings on boards you already have in place.

The new E1-E2-B1-B2 Jumper Configurator is especially helpful if you have questions while replacing a B1 or B2 brain board with a newer E1 or E2.

As you know, B1s and B2s have reached their end of life due to the unavailability of essential parts. E1s and E2s are field-tested drop-in replacements:

  • The digital E1 replaces the B1.
  • The analog E2 replaces the B2.

More information about B1 and B2 migration:

Try the Jumper Configurator.

Expo Pack México 2014 en la Ciudad de México

Expo Pack 2014 logo

Visítenos en Expo Pack México 2014, el 17-20 de junio en la Ciudad de México en el Stand #3832.

Vean el nuevo groov y los equipos de automatización de SNAP PAC. Ing. Norma Rodríguez de Opto 22 e Ing. Javier De La Garza de Opto 22 México asistirán a la expo.

Expo Pack México 2014 reunirá a empresas tanto nacionales como internacionales con lo más novedoso de las industrias de alimentos, bebidas, farmacéutica, cuidado personal, médica, química y automotríz entre otras. Para mayor información, visite Expo Pack México 2014.

Expo Pack México 2014
Fecha: del 17 al 20 de Junio del 2014
Donde: Centro de Exposiciones Banamex, Ciudad de México
Más información: Expo Pack México 2014

Tech Tip: WeMo PAC Control Chart and Video

Use your Belkin WeMo switch with groov

Are you as fascinated as we are by the variety of "smart" devices now becoming available—and affordable?

One of these is Belkin's WeMo switch. Plug the switch into an electrical outlet, plug in a light or appliance, and you can remotely turn it on or off with your smartphone.

Our own OptoMary couldn't resist writing a little PAC Control code for the WeMo so she could add it to her groov mobile operator interface. She explains how she did it and includes her sample WeMo flowchart in this Control "smart" devices - WeMo Example OptoForum post.

Ben Orchard wanted to try out Mary's code on his home automation system, which is based on a SoftPAC programmable automation controller. Easy! So here's Ben to show you how he added a WeMo switch to his system, which of course he monitors and controls using groov.

Read the WeMo control OptoForum post.
Watch the groovHeads video.

Don't forget: If you've developed sample code or charts you think others might be able to use, be sure to share on the Code Samples & Tips OptoForum.


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