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Watch the B1/B2 Migration Video

B1 and B2 brain board replacement

Due to the unavailability of essential parts, B1 and B2 brain boards have reached their end of life. Fortunately we have drop-in replacements ready:

  • The digital E1 replaces the B1.
  • The analog E2 replaces the B2.

Watch the new B1/B2 Migration video to see how to replace brain boards. Opto 22 Director of Training Mary St. John demonstrates board replacement and points out some new options E1s and E2s offer you, thanks to their two network interfaces: serial plus Ethernet.

You can use E1s and E2s as simple replacements for B1s and B2s without changing your system architecture. Or you may want to take advantage of Ethernet networking and additional protocol support in order to integrate your Optomux system with Modbus/TCP, OPC, or SNAP PAC systems. The choice is yours.

Be sure to see the B1/B2 Migration page for step-by-step replacement instructions (in the video and on the page). You'll also find a lot more information about new options in the E1 and E2 Architecture & Migration Overview.

Video: Tunnel and Traffic Control

Algosystems video - tunnel and traffic control

If you had miles of tunnels and highway to monitor and control, where would you turn?

For extensive traffic systems in Greece, OptoPartner and system integrator Algosystems chose Opto 22 SNAP Ethernet-based systems some ten years ago.

The system has grown since then and now includes traffic control signs, incident reporting, over-height vehicle detection, wind measurement, closed-circuit TV monitoring, tunnel lighting, air-quality measurement and control, and more.

A 2013 video from Algosystems shows the wide variety of functions involved.

Watch the Algosystems video.
Read the Algosystems case study.

See Us at Internet of Things and The Automation Conference

Internet of Things North America


Internet of Things North America is happening today and tomorrow (May 14-15) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

IOTNA is a new trade fair focused on cloud-based control of devices, equipment, and operations for the industrial, manufacturing, and enterprise environment. Conference speakers and exhibitors include companies who provide equipment and services for networking, wireless, telemetry, device connectivity, IT security, and automation & control.

You'll hear Opto 22's Ben Orchard speaking at the Expo on what's missing in discussions surrounding the Internet of Things: a universal interface for all the equipment you manage. And of course you can see groov in action at the Opto 22 booth.

More information: Internet of Things North America

The Automation Conference logo

The Automation Conference is next week (May 20-21) in Chicago, Illinois.

This annual conference brings together automation professionals across all industries—processing, manufacturing, and packaging.

Conference and presentation topics include interoperability via OPC, system security and safety, integrating automation with the enterprise via the cloud, battery-free AGVs, using mobile devices in industrial applications, using embedded FPGAs to maximize energy usage via smart grids, real-time data acquisition, and training tomorrow's workforce.

Be sure to stop by the Opto 22 booth and see groov. Learn how to build a mobile operator interface for any automation system and view it on any brand smartphone or tablet.

Plan to attend: The Automation Conference

Tech Tip: Maintain Stable Voltage to I/O

Measuring voltage at the I/O rack

Here's a tip worth repeating: check the voltage to your I/O racks and maintain stable voltage for safety and better performance.

The power supplies you use to power your I/O racks are a key piece of your system. Without adequate power you may lose communication with I/O modules and lose data in the brain. But too much power can destroy your control equipment.

Make sure power to I/O racks is maintained at a steady 5.0 to 5.2 volts DC. Measure power voltage downstream of the fuse on the rack itself, following the steps in our short video, Verifying Voltage at the I/O Rack. If you have an adjustable power supply, adjust the voltage so that it measures ~5.15 VDC downstream of the fuse on the rack.

Here are some other power supply tips:

1. We recommend SNAP power supplies for SNAP PAC Systems. These Opto 22 power supplies are regulated and isolated, and preadjusted to 5.1 VDC at the factory. They are also compact, efficient, don't generate a lot of heat, and have an on/off switch built in.

2. If you cannot use Opto 22 power supplies, choose a linear power supply or an isolated switching power supply.

3. Always keep power for the control system separate from power for field devices.

4. For best results, use one power supply per I/O rack.

5. If you must power more than one I/O rack with the same power supply, never wire them in series. Voltage drops off at the far end or may be too high at the first rack.

If you wire in parallel (star configuration), use similar short lengths of wire and racks that have a similar current draw. A rack with more analog or serial modules draws more current than a rack with 4-channel digital modules. Make sure to measure voltage at each rack.

6. Use the largest gauge wire practical. Use 14 AWG wire between the power supply and the I/O rack.

For more on power supplies, see the Using Power Supplies with Opto 22 Systems technical note.

Watch the video and learn how to check voltage at the rack.

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