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B1/B2 End of Life and Migration Path

B1 and B2 brain boards

Here at Opto 22 we make a point of supporting older products as long as we possibly can. When you've got a system that works fine, you don't want to be forced to change it if your automation company arbitrarily decides to obsolete a product.

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to declare end-of-life for a product, and that's happened now with B1 and B2 brain boards. We simply can't obtain essential parts, so we cannot continue to manufacture them.

The good news is that we have drop-in replacements ready for these brain boards:

  • The E1 replaces the B1 for digital I/O.
  • The E2 replaces the B2 for analog I/O.

Both the E1 and the E2 have been available for several years, so both are fully field tested.

When you need to add new racks or replace an existing B1 or B2, you can use the E1 or E2 in exactly the same way. They are literally drop-in replacements.

And they both add new capabilities you may want to use: Ethernet networking in addition to serial, and additional protocols so you can connect with Opto 22 SNAP PAC Systems, Modbus systems, and other automation equipment using OPC.

For steps to replace a B1 or B2 with an E1 or E2, and for additional information on using the new brain boards, see Migration Path for B1 and B2 Brain Boards.

Mining Applications Use Opto 22 Systems

Open-pit mining operation

Northern Chile is renowned for its mining industry.

Our latest application brief features three mining companies in this area that produce copper, iodine, and nitrates for shipment all over the world.

These companies use Opto 22 automation systems not only to control their critical processes but also to provide data to systems from other manufacturers.

Read the application brief in English

El norte de Chile es famoso por su industria minera.

Nuestros últimos estudios de caso cuentan con tres minerías en esta zona que producen cobre, yodo y nitratos para el envío a todo el mundo.

Estas empresas ocupan sistemas de automatización de Opto 22 no solo para controlar los procesos críticos, sino también para proporcionar datos a los sistemas de otros fabricantes.

Leer el estudio de caso en español

OPC Day Europe

OPC Day Europe 2014 logo

Join us for OPC Day Europe 2014 on 14-15 May at Festo AG & Co in Germany.

The theme is IT Meets Automation, and you'll learn about:

  • Using OPC UA for more secure data connections
  • Integrating automation systems
  • Increasing market share for your products with OPC UA
  • OPC technical updates
  • Safe and reliable Industry 4.0 system design

Opto 22 is a sponsor for OPC Day Europe. Be sure to stop by and see Opto 22's Gerhard Kreiling, Benson Hougland, and Bob Sheffres as they demonstrate groov.

Both OPC Foundation members and non-members are invited to attend. For more event details, see this OPC Day Europe event flyer.

OPC Day Europe 2014: IT Meets Automation
When: 14-15 May, 2014
Where: Festo AG, Ruiter Str 82, 73734 Esslingen, Germany
Register now.

Tech Tip: PAC Control Subroutines

PAC Control subroutine appears in the list of commands

Do you use subroutines in PAC Control?

Our latest OptoForum post from Opto 22 Director of Training Mary St. John introduces subroutines, talks about the pros and cons of using them, and gives you some pointers on parameters.

The post also includes sample subroutines like this one that calculates the average of some values in a numeric table. Even if you already use subroutines, it's definitely worth a look.

What's a subroutine? Basically it's a custom command you create that represents a series of commands. If you have a group of commands that's repeated in a strategy or used in more than one strategy, that's a great place for a subroutine.

You build subroutines using the same tools and logic used to create charts. Once you've built a subroutine, you can call it at any time from any chart in any strategy.

For complete information on using subroutines, see Chapter 12 in the PAC Control User's Guide.

Read the PAC Control 201: Subroutines OptoForum post.


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