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groov 2.1 Simplifies Live Video Feeds

groov IP camera gadget shows live video on mobile interface

We've seen a lot of interest in one particular new feature in the new groov version 2.1: the IP video proxy.

The proxy makes it a lot simpler to include live video from remote IP cameras in your groov mobile interface. You can track physical access to remote installations, monitor hard-to-reach equipment, see how much it's snowed (or how little it's rained), and so much more using live video over the Internet.

The Video gadget's new reverse proxy service option automatically handles all the work of connection to IP cameras over the Internet, so it's just as easy to include live video from outside your facility as from inside.

Another new feature for the Video gadget: you can now set the update (refresh) period individually for each video camera. Some video locations need more frequent updates than others. For example, you can set the video camera monitoring door access to refresh every second, while the weather camera refreshes far less frequently.

If you have a groov Box or groov Server for Windows, the groov 2.1 update is free. Estimated release is later this week, so stay tuned.

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New SNAP PAC Controller & Brain Firmware 9.3e

SNAP PAC controllers and brains

The latest firmware update for SNAP PAC controllers and brains fixes issues and adds enhancements for email, HTTP communication, and more.

For SNAP PAC controllers, you can now send email via your PAC Control strategy with a "From" name that you specify. You can also configure timeouts for email. See the PAC Control User's Guide (form 1700) and the PAC Control Command Reference (1701) for specifics.

All updates and fixes are listed in the SNAP PAC Firmware Readme. Firmware 9.3e applies to:

  • SNAP PAC S-series standalone controllers
  • SNAP PAC R-series rack-mounted controllers
  • SoftPAC software-based controller
  • SNAP PAC EB Ethernet brains
  • SNAP PAC SB serial brains
  • G4EB2 brains

Get Firmware 9.3e. (Follow the link or visit opto22.com, click the Support tab, and click Downloads.)

Remember that you can download the firmware file for an individual controller or brain like the SNAP-PAC-EB1, or you can download one file that contains the firmware for all.

Set Up groov View for iOS and Android

groov View for Android

Want to run your groov mobile interface in an app instead of a browser? Our new groov app technical note gives you quick-start steps for setting up your groov mobile app.

You can use a groov mobile operator interface in two ways: through your web browser, or using the groov View app for Android or iOS.

The browser advantage: your interface runs on any brand mobile device with a modern web browser.

The app advantage: your groov interface appears full screen to keep you focused on what you're monitoring or controlling.

The app is especially convenient if you have more than one groov, because you can see them all in the app. You can designate one to always appear first, if you want, and then easily switch to another one in your list.

To get the free groov View app, go to your app store. Use the links below or search for "groov View."

Get started quickly with the Setting Up groov Mobile Apps Technical Note.

Tech Tip: PAC Control Communication Handles


Do you use communication handles in your PAC Control strategy? Or are you thinking, "What's a communication handle?" In either case this tip is for you.

A communication handle is a powerful type of variable in PAC Control. You'll use it for three main reasons:

  • To communicate with serial devices, either through a PAC controller's serial ports or through a serial module on the rack
  • To communicate with another Ethernet device, like an inexpensive webcam, an LED sign, or a wireless thermostat
  • To read, write, or update a file that's located on your SNAP PAC controller, its microSD card, the PC or network where SoftPAC is running, or an FTP server your controller can access

Opto 22 Director of Training Mary St. John explains communication handles in her latest PAC Control 101 post on the OptoForum.

Communication handles are powerful and can be complex. Whether you're new to them or already use them, you'll especially want to see Mary's examples and her detailed suggestions for debugging and error checking.

Read PAC Control 101: Communication Handles in the OptoForum.


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