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Special Promotion: groov 2

groov 2.0: mobile interfaces for all your systems

Do you have equipment or systems from more than one manufacturer?

Now you can monitor them all on one simple mobile interface you build with Opto 22's groov.

Yes, just about any automation system can now be included in your groov operator interface. That means Rockwell Allen-Bradley, Modbus, Wonderware, Siemens, Honeywell, Yokogawa, and a host of others.

And here's a special promotion for OptoNews readers: save $900 if you purchase now!

  • Buy the groov Box now for just $1995 and get a free upgrade to groov 2 on November 22.
  • Buy groov Server for Windows now for just $1795 and get a free upgrade to groov 2 on November 22.

Offer expires 11-22-13. Orders placed before November 22, 2013, qualify for special promotion. groov 2 starts shipping on November 22.

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New Integration Kit for IEC60870-5

IEC logo IEC international standards

With this new, free integration kit (part number PAC-INT-IEC60870-5) your Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers using PAC Project Professional can communicate with systems based on the IEC60870-5 protocol.

IEC60870-5 is a standard from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) used to manage automated power systems. Your SNAP PAC controller connects to these systems via an Ethernet network and a serial port on the PAC or a serial module on the I/O rack.

The integration kit includes a sample strategy and subroutines, plus documentation. Get the IEC60870-5 Integration Kit for PAC Project Pro.

Did you know that you can download free PAC Project integration kits for many protocols commonly used in automation and control? Check out all your integration kit choices.

Vote in Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Awards

groov is Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Award Finalist

We're delighted to announce that groov is a finalist in the Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Awards for 2014!

The annual Engineers' Choice Awards highlight some of the best new control, instrumentation, and automation products in the industry. This is the 26th year Control Engineering has recognized new products. A variety of hardware, software, safety, and process control products are among the 23 categories.

Awards are chosen by Control Engineering's print and online subscribers—and that means you. Voting is now open. Choose your favorite products based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact.

Of course we hope you'll vote for groov, in the Software - Mobile apps for controls, automation, instrumentation category.

Learn more about groov.

Tech Tip: Troubleshooting Messages in PAC Manager

When you're troubleshooting system problems, PAC Manager can be a big help. That's because PAC Manager communicates directly with your controllers and I/O units.

You're probably already familiar with PAC Manager's Inspect window, where you can see detailed status data on an I/O unit or controller. Here's a tip about the window—and a sneak peek at a new feature you can get now, just because you're an OptoNews and OptoForum reader.

To inspect an Opto 22 device, open PAC Manager and click the Inspect icon (or choose Tools > Inspect). Enter the I/O unit's IP address or name and click the Status Read button.

PAC Manager Inspect window

There's a lot of status data in this window, and it's all explained in the PAC Manager User's Guide (see "Interpreting Status Data" in Chapter 5).

If you see a button in the upper right with an exclamation point (as shown above), click it to read messages about potential problems.

Yellow exclamation point. A yellow point appears IF:

  • One of the device's communication ports is a different number than expected, for example, if the Modbus port is set to 112 instead of the expected 502.
  • Always BootP on Powerup has been changed from No to Yes.
  • Any Scanner flags are set.

Of course if you have changed one of these—say, a port number—on purpose, it's not a problem; but if it was changed temporarily and not changed back, it's good to know that it might be the cause of a communication problem.

Red exclamation point. Here's a new troubleshooting feature, just for OptoNews and OptoForums readers. Now you can set up your own custom checks on any values that the Status Read page normally reads, and if the check fails, a red exclamation point will show up to draw your attention to the problem.

The red exclamation point is controlled by comparisons you set up in the text file Manager_StatusRead.cmp, which you create and install in the same folder as your Manager.exe file.

You can put one or more lines of text in this file, and each one is a test. For example, the line below tests whether there's a value in memory map address F030003C, the Default Gateway for ENET1. If there isn't, it displays the message "ENET 1 - Default Gateway is empty (route to the Internet)."

F030003C,=,0,ENET 1 - Default Gateway is empty (route to the Internet).

This kind of feedback can be really helpful in troubleshooting. In this case, for example, if you want your PAC to send email, it won't be able to access the Internet if there's no default gateway.

For more information on the .cmp file and to download a sample file you can use or modify, see the OptoForums post PAC Manager with a BANG (!)


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