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Case Study: groov Streamlines HMI Access

Covina Irrigating uses groov from Opto 22

PC-based HMI software works great when operators are at headquarters, but what if they're not?

Covina Irrigating Co. monitors 12 separate sites in their water distribution system, with an assortment of pumps, tanks, valves, filters, and more at each site.

Operators often need to see equipment data when they're off site. They used to use remote desktop software on a notebook PC, but that method allows only one operator at a time to log in and use the HMI.

Find out how Field Operations Superintendent Steve Sherman broke this bottleneck and made it possible for all operators to use an HMI at once.

Read the groov case study.

New Updates Announced for groov Box

GROOV-AT1, the groov Box

If you have a groov Box (part number GROOV-AT1), be sure to install these updates. We've fixed some important issues, and you'll want to have the latest groov software.

First step is to activate your Box if you haven't already. You have to activate in order to get updates. Just go to activate.groov.com and follow instructions. Once you've activated, click the Get Updates button.

If you've already activated your groov Box, go to manage.groov.com and log in. Next to your groov, click "Show" in the Updates column.

The top two updates in the list are the ones you want: groov Admin and groov App. Download both and then follow steps in the groov Box User's Guide (Chapter 4) to install them.

Questions? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.

8a Edición—Exposición BajaMak en Baja California, México

See groov at BajaMak

Si está en Baja California el 24 de octubre, vaya a BajaMak, el foro más importante de la industria en el noroeste de México.

Venga a escuchar a Ing. Norma Rodríguez de Opto 22 presentar nuevas soluciones para obtener Acceso Móvil a Sistemas de Automatización (conferencia de 16:00-17:00 p.m.). También verá a Ing. Selam Shimelash mostrar a groov—el nuevo modo de crear y usar interfaces de operador móvil—en el booth 301.

Ahora en su octavo año, BajaMak reúne a cerca de 250 compradores y empresas proveedoras en los sectores de metal-mecánico, autopartes electrónica, dispositivos médicos e industria aeroespacial. El evento fortalece las redes de suministro locales, regionales e internacionales para apoyar a estas industrias en Baja California.

Fecha: 24 de octubre, 2013, de 9:00 am a 5:00 pm
Donde: El Parque Industrial Chilpancingo CPA
Calle 12 Norte #209 Zona Industrial Mesa de Otay
Ciudad de Tijuana, B.C.

Más información

Tech Tip: Accessing SNAP PACs and groov over the Internet

  • Suppose you've built an operator interface with groov and want to safely access it on your smartphone while away from your facility. How do you set that up?
  • What do you do if your SNAP PAC controller must communicate with I/O at a remote site?
  • Or what if your PAC Display HMI on a PC in one part of the factory needs to get data from a SNAP PAC controller in another part?

In this connected world, all these scenarios and a lot more are possible. But you have to know something about Ethernet and wireless networking.

We get a lot of questions on this subject. So this tech tip points you to some answers in our new Guide to Networking Opto 22 Products.

Networking Opto 22 SNAP PAC System and groov over the Internet

The new guide helps you set up communications between your computer or mobile device and your SNAP PAC System or groov. The goal is for you to be able to monitor and control your system from anywhere you need to, either inside your facility or outside it.

What makes that possible is that Opto 22 control systems are built on standard protocols such as TCP and UDP over IP. These are the same protocols used by off-the-shelf computers, routers, and the Internet, and they make it possible to build and connect networks in the ways you need.

Get the new Guide to Networking Opto 22 Products.

And if you still have questions after you've read the guide, contact Opto 22 Product Support. Remember, Product Support is free.


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