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New Analog I/O Modules Meet Your Need for Speed

New high-speed SNAP analog I/O from Opto 22

Introducing two new SNAP analog modules for high-speed applications.

Each module has two channels with channel-to-channel isolation (as well as transformer and optical isolation). And like most of our I/O, these two modules are guaranteed for life.

  • SNAP-AIRATE-HFi—a rate input that works with TTL, CMOS, and open-collector outputs. If you're testing engines or other high-revving equipment, for example, this module scans pulses at a rate up to 500 kHz.
  • SNAP-AOD-29-HFi—an analog TPO (time-proportional output) and PWM (pulse width modulation) module that sends pulse outputs to high-frequency transducers. In a test-bed application, for example, this module could simulate tachometer outputs over a period range of 0.00001 second to 64.25 seconds.

Both modules require a SNAP PAC R-series rack-mounted controller or a SNAP PAC brain with firmware R9.3c or higher. Support in PAC Project will be included in version R9.3003, to be released very soon.

Order your high-speed modules today:

Huge Refrigeration System Updated: New Case Study

Pipes carrying refrigeration fluids - Mercamadrid case study

Imagine this:

  • - You're in charge of controlling cold storage facilities at one of Europe's largest wholesale markets.
  • - Your system dates from 1999, and most of the control equipment is obsolete.
  • - Spare parts are expensive and increasingly difficult to find.
  • - Operator panels are on monochrome displays.
  • - Control hardware is not compatible with current IT standards.

What would you do?

That was the recent situation at Mercamadrid, a 547-acre (2.2 million square meter) wholesale market in Madrid, Spain. A daily trading hub for fresh food products for over 12 million people, Mercamadrid badly needed to update the refrigeration system serving 26 separate companies.

Read the Mercamadrid case study to see how system integrator and Opto 22 distributor Optomation Systems modernized the system, reduced energy use, and improved controls and HMIs.

Learn How to Build Interfaces for Mobile Devices

groov webinar: Building Mobile Interfaces for Industrial Applications

Would you like a simple way to create operator interfaces for mobile devices, so you can securely monitor and control your automation system from anywhere you need to?

By now you know we're talking about groov.

But how do you actually create these interfaces? Our recently recorded webinar, Building Mobile Interfaces for Industrial Applications, shows you how.

  • Find out which mobile devices are supported by groov.
  • See the difference between desktop and handheld view.
  • Learn best practices for designing mobile screens.
  • Learn about groov's built-in security and how to limit users so they see only what you want them to.

Watch the recorded webinar: Building Mobile Interfaces for Industrial Applications

Tech Tip: Easier Table Settings

PAC Control

Initializing tables in PAC Control doesn't seem like a big deal, but there are definitely ways to make initializing easier.

This tip comes from an OptoForum thread that gives a number of tips related to using tables, including easier ways to initialize huge tables.

The latest post shows you a better way to initialize by using different PAC Control commands than usual—and also a handy way to avoid problems when the size of your table changes.

Read the tip.

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