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groov Case Study: Electronics Manufacturer

groov case study: electronic manufacturer

Mike Hake was watching the trends. He saw smartphones multiplying and his spare time at work shrinking—and he thought about how a phone interface to his equipment could save time.

Hake found his smartphone solution on OptoForums, where he read that operator interfaces built in groov run in a modern web browser on almost any smartphone.

Now he securely manages compressors, lighting, air conditioning units, pumps, and ovens by phone. He can even see the manufacturing facility's electrical usage data, supplied by OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring units.

Read about his experience making essential information and important controls immediately available, while keeping his existing PAC Display HMI for detailed information, analysis, and diagnostics.

Read the groov case study.

Celebrate TekTOberfest in Georgia

TekTOberfest at Advanced Control Solutions, LLC

With barbeque, automated beer taps demonstrating RFID technology, and a groov demo, TekTOberfest at OptoDistributor Advanced Control Solutions (ACS) is one event you won't want to miss.

TekTOberfest will be held at ACS's new facility in Marietta, Georgia on Thursday, October 10. You'll see presentations on:

  • Effective operator interface design (by Opto 22's Dan White)
  • Robotics, including Baxter the collaborative robot
  • Using vision for 3D technology and traceability
  • And much more

Keynote Speaker is Ron Potter, Director of Robotics Technology for Factory Automation Systems

Advanced Control Solutions, LLC logo

What: TekTOberfest
When: Thursday, October 10, 2013, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where: Advanced Control Solutions, LLC
1400 Williams Dr., Marietta, GA 30066

Register now for free admission. Or call for more information: 800-969-7772

Watch "5 Minutes to Mobile" Video

groov video: 5 minutes to mobile

Want to learn more about building mobile interfaces to securely monitor and control your equipment?

groov makes mobile simple, and this new video shows you how. With groov, you build PC and mobile device operator interfaces all at once.

You'll see how you can move elements around on the screen in Handheld view without changing Desktop view. And you'll see how the interface scales to fit all kinds of devices.

You'll also learn how to get the free groov apps for Android and iPhone, and how to lock down a mobile device so the only thing an operator can do with it is use your interface.

Ready to go mobile? Watch the video.

Tech Tip: Tune Your Load Cell Module

SNAP-AILC-2 analog input load cell module

Today's tech tip is about SNAP load cell modules—analog input modules that provide a front end to load cells. Load cells are typically used for force measurement and industrial weighing applications, from small quantities to large truckloads.

We have two load cell modules for you to choose from:

  • SNAP-AILC works with inputs of 2 mV/V or 3 mV/V.
  • SNAP-AILC-2 works with inputs of 3 mV/V or 4 mV/V, and is primarily used with high-quality 4 mV/V load cells to gather data from force measurement testing.

Although each module is wired to just one input, if connected to a separate 24 VDC power source, each can provide isolated 10 VDC bridge excitation for up to four load cells.

Why the difference—input from one load cell but power for four?

Some applications use multiple load cells. For example, you could have a weigh scale for trucks that has a load cell at each corner of the platform, with all four load cells connected to a load cell junction box that provides an average value. The module would be wired to the junction box and receive the one averaged input, but still supply power to all four load cells.

If you're using SNAP load cell modules, here's an OptoForum suggestion for finding your ideal Fast Settle Level and Filter Weight values. Tuning these values is essential for accurate results, and there are a couple of ways to do it. You can create a Supertrend in PAC Display, or you can use PAC Control's graphing capability—usually used for PID control loops—to tune your module.

Read the OptoForum post on tuning load cell modules.

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