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groov Case Study: Mobile HMI for Water Treatment

groov case study

Gavin Gray knew from experience about the problems you can run into when you're trying to set up remote monitoring from a mobile interface.

When a water treatment client asked for mobile capability, he wasn't at all sure he wanted to spend the time. A busy integrator and machine builder, Gray had plenty of other work to do.

Find out how Gray satisfied his client's needs in record time. Read the groov case study.

How are you using groov? We'd like to know. Email us at marketing@opto22.com and tell us what you're montoring or controlling with groov.

What's the Future of Industrial HMIs? Automation World Podcast

Automation World logo

Automation World magazine's David Greenfield looks at the future of industrial HMIs in a recent video podcast with Benson Hougland and Ben Orchard from Opto 22.

Here are some of the questions they explore:

  • Is HMI optimization worthwhile for all manufacturers, or just those whose operator interfaces might cause disaster?
  • How have ideas about what constitutes an effective HMI changed over the past few years, and why?
  • Should operators be involved in designing interfaces?
  • Why would a manufacturer want to provide a mobile interface?
  • How have tablets and smartphones changed industrial automation?
  • Will proprietary interfaces for machine builders disappear?

Listen to Industrial HMI Trends: From Design Optimization to Mobility.

groov Webinar: How To Build Mobile Interfaces


With groov, it's easy to build operator interfaces for PCs and mobile—at the same time—so you can securely monitor and control your automation system from anywhere you need to.

Join us for a new groov webinar focused on mobile. In this webinar you will:

  • Find out which mobile devices are supported by groov
  • See the difference between desktop and handheld view
  • Learn best practices for designing mobile views
  • Learn how to limit iOS mobile devices so they show only your groov screens, by configuring Kiosk users and Guided Access

How to Build Mobile Interfaces for Industrial Applications with groov
Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 9:00-9:30 a.m. PDT

Register now.

Tech Tip: Sending Information to Opto 22 Product Support

If you're having trouble with your system, Opto 22 Product Support Group (PSG) may ask you for system status or error information. Here are some tips on sending information to PSG, so they can quickly help you.

System Status Data

Often one of the best ways to troubleshoot a system is to inspect status data for controllers and I/O units. You can find this information in PAC Manager. Because status data covers a lot more area than one screen, a screenshot doesn't include everything, and multiple screenshots are harder to work with. Here's the easy way to get it all:

1. Open PAC Manager on a PC on the same network as your controllers and I/O. From the Tools menu, choose Inspect.

2. Enter the IP address of the device (controller or I/O unit/brain) you want to inspect and click the Status Read button.

PAC Manager Inspect dialog box

3. When the data appears, right-click in the center of the window (where the data is) and choose Select All from the popup menu. All the data is highlighted.

4. Right-click again and choose Copy.

5. Open a new file in Notepad or a similar program and paste the data in the file. Voilà! All the data is there. Now you can email this file to Product Support.

PAC Control Error Data

Copying error data from PAC Control's message queue is even easier.

1. To get to the message queue, open your strategy in PAC Control Debug mode. From the Control Engine menu, choose Messages.

2. Click the Copy All button at the top of the Message Queue window.

PAC Control message queue

3. Open a new file in Notepad or a similar program and paste the data in the file. Then email the file to Product Support.

PAC Control Strategy

If PSG asks you to send your strategy, make sure you send an archived strategy file. It's faster than copying files and you'll know everything is included. Here's how to make the archive.

1. Open your strategy in PAC Control Config mode. From the File menu, choose Archive Strategy.

2. In the confirmation dialog box, note the location of the archive file. Send this file to PSG.

If your archived file is too large to email, contact PSG for alternatives.

Questions? Contact Opto 22 Product Support. Product Support is free.


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