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See groov in Action - Watch the New Video

groov video
  • Show production status on HDTV.
  • Make service calls mobile.
  • Use a low-cost machine interface.
  • Simplify building controls.
  • Make changes fast!

Our latest groov video shows you how. It's mobile made simple with groov.

Watch the groov video.
Learn more about groov.

groov Case Study: Remote Feed Mill Control

Schipper Eggs uses groov from Opto 22

At Schipper Eggs in Holland, Michigan, automated feed mills used to run without supervision. But sometimes problems went unnoticed.

Now operators can remotely check status, control mills, and even change the mix of grains for the feed, using their smartphones.

Facilities Manager Dan Berghorst especially likes how easy it is to update groov screens and deploy the changes.

Read the groov case study.
Learn more about groov.

How are you using groov? We'd like to know. Email us at marketing@opto22.com and tell us what you're montoring or controlling with groov.

Opto 22 Visitará a ISA ExpoControl 2013

ISA Mexico

Acompañe a Ing. Norma Rodríguez de Opto 22 y representante Opto 22 México a fines de este mes en la Ciudad de México, donde mostrarán el nuevo producto groov y el Sistema de SNAP PAC.

La ISA ExpoControl 2013 ofrece una amplia variedad de exposiciones, más un programa técnico en automatización que incluye capacitación en instrumentación, control de procesos industriales, seguridad, mantenimiento, comunicaciones y administración.

Vaya a ver a Opto 22 México en el stand 1210.

Evento: ISA ExpoControl 2013
Fecha y Hora: miércoles a viernes, 21-23 de agosto, 2013, 8:00 a 20:30.
Sitio: Salón Maya, PEPSI Center WTC, México, D.F.

Tech Tip: groov with Legacy FactoryFloor Systems?

groov and FactoryFloor

Is your Opto 22 FactoryFloor system still running strong, but you wish you could use groov? Or maybe you have a legacy Ultimate I/O or a PAC with pre-9.2 firmware that you’d rather not upgrade.

groov is designed to work with SNAP PAC controllers running PAC Project software, and that's the easiest way to build operator interfaces you can use on any device—computer or mobile, regardless of size or manufacturer.

But there is a way to use groov with your FactoryFloor or other older system, by adding a SNAP PAC controller as an intermediary.

groov talks to the SNAP PAC; the SNAP PAC talks to your older controller. Note that the FactoryFloor controller must have an Ethernet card.

A recent OptoForum post shows you exactly how it works and provides a PAC Control strategy with subroutines you can use in the PAC to make it easier.

You can use any SNAP PAC controller for the purpose: standalone S-series, rackmounted R-series, or PC-based SoftPAC.

See the OptoForum post.
Find out more about groov.


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