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groov Server for Windows Now Shipping

groov Server for Windows logo

In the last OptoNews we announced groov Server for Windows, a new option for running groov on a Windows PC.

Presales started two weeks ago, and now groov Server is shipping!

We've seen special interest in groov Server from machine builders and OEMs. That's because if you already have a Windows PC built into your machine, you just install groov on it and you're ready to build a simple, effective operator interface.

Whether you buy groov Server for Windows or the original groov Box appliance, either way you can still develop your groov HMI on any brand computer. And the HMI you build works on computers, tablets, smartphones, even HDTVs—just about any device with a modern web browser.

It's mobile made simple.

Choose your groov:

Learn more about groov.

groov Case Study: Smartphone Controls Quarry Pumps

New Enterprise Stone & Lime uses groov from Opto 22

Machinery such as pumps can be in places where you don't want to go—like the bottom of a stone quarry. But monitoring and controlling them is still essential.

For Pennsylvania-based New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. (NES&L), the answer to remote management for their pump control system was simple: groov.

See why groov was "the perfect tool" in the groov NES&L case study.

To learn more about groov, visit groov.com.

How are you using groov? We'd like to know. Email us at marketing@opto22.com and tell us what you're montoring or controlling with groov.

See groov Control a Yacht in Video Webinar

groov webinar video

Want to see groov in action? Our new Introduction to groov webinar video takes you to a Southern California yacht to demonstrate how groov works.

Opto 22's Benson Hougland explains how groov simplifies the way you build and deploy operator interfaces for your SNAP PAC System. Used as a supplement to a PAC Display HMI or as an interface on its own, your groov HMI is built just once and then works on almost any computer or mobile device.

This short webinar video will also answer your questions about security and why a simple HMI can be more effective than a complex one.

Watch the groov webinar video.
Learn best practices for building HMIs that work.
Learn more about groov.

Tech Tip: New SNAP PAC 9.3c Firmware Available

SNAP PAC controllers

We've just released new SNAP PAC firmware version 9.3c, and you can get it as individual files for your controller or brain, or as a single download that includes all files. The single download works great if you have more than one kind of SNAP PAC controller or brain.

The release adds support for the new SNAP-AIR400K-8 thermistor analog input module. This module has eight channels and is ideal for the NTC thermisters commonly used in HVAC, refrigeration, and process control applications. It also works with PTC thermisters in resistance sensing applications.

In addition to supporting the thermister module, the new firmware addresses several issues, including a problem using SoftPAC with our Opto iPAC and Opto aPAC mobile apps.

To see all changes in the firmware, check out the Firmware Readme file.

The 9.3c firmware release applies to the following Opto 22 products:

To get the new 9.3c firmware, go to the Downloads page on the Opto 22 website and look for the file that applies to your part number. Or you can download all firmware files at once.


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