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Announcing New Options with groov Server for Windows

groov Server for Windows logo

With groov you can easily build operator interfaces and view them on virtually any device—computers, tablets, smartphones, and more.

And now you have options for running groov:

Either way, you can build your groov HMIs on any brand computer, and view them on virtually any PC, tablet, or smartphone with a modern web browser.

Why consider groov Server for Windows? Here are three reasons:

  • You're an OEM or machine builder and you already have a Windows PC in your machine. You can run groov on the same PC rather than adding hardware.
  • Your IT Department won't add hardware to your network, but they will add software served from a Windows PC.
  • You use PAC Display on a PC now; you can add a mobile HMI as well by running groov on the PC.

groov Server for Windows runs on Windows 7 or 8 Professional (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2012. .NET Framework 3.5 or greater is required for all operating systems.

Choose your groov:

Learn more about groov.

groov Case Study: Adjust Remote VFDs via Mobile

One-Step Automation builds mobile HMIs using groov from Opto 22

We're hearing about all kinds of ways you're using groov HMIs.

Here's one: watching on your phone a live video feed of seed coming off a processing line, then adjusting the variable frequency drives that control the process—with your finger.

You don't even have to be at the processing facility.

Integrator Arlin Friesen at One-Step Automation in Manitoba, Canada, tells us more about how he's using groov to make his customers happy in this groov case study.

How are you using groov? We'd like to know. Email us at marketing@opto22.com and tell us what you're doing with groov.

Read Best Practices for Building PAC Control Strategies, PAC Display and groov HMIs

Best Practices for PAC Project and groov Technical Note

Which should you design first, your operator interface or your control system?

What are the three easiest ways to document your PAC Control strategy now, so you'll be able to easily add I/O or commands months or years from now?

What should—and shouldn't—go in the Powerup Chart?

You'll find helpful answers to these and lots more questions in our new technical note, Best Practices for PAC Project and groov.

The technical note combines best practices from our own Opto 22 engineers, plus suggestions from customers and integrators.

Whether you're new to Opto 22 products or have been using them for years, you'll find some good ideas here.

Read the Best Practices Technical Note.

Tech Tip: Different groov Gadgets on Mobile


One of the great time-savers in groov is the way the gadgets and text you add in Desktop & Tablet view automatically appear in Handheld view, and vice versa.

Essentially, you're building several operator interfaces at once.

  • The Desktop & Tablet view shows how it'll look on larger devices, like any computer, tablet, or web-enabled TV.
  • The Handheld view shows how it'll look on small devices, like any smartphone or an iPod touch.

While you're building the HMI, you can switch back and forth between the two tabs, adjusting elements to make sure it looks right in both views.

But what if you want a gadget or a label to be different in mobile than it is on a larger screen? How can you show different graphics for mobile?

OptoForums to the rescue! Here's a forum post that explains how you can use resizing and z-order to adjust graphics for differing requirements based on screen size.

See the OptoForum post.
Find out more about groov.


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