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Expanded Line of ICTD Temperature Probes

Opto 22 ICTDs for temperature monitoring

Does your application use ICTDs for temperature monitoring?

In addition to our regular ICTD probe for air temperature, we now have two immersion-type ICTD probes for use with thermowells. All probes are factory calibrated and ready for use with Opto 22 SNAP, G4, and G1 Standard analog input modules.

Here's the new lineup:

  • ICTD-P3—Immersion ICTD temperature probe, 1/4 inch in diameter, 5 ft (1.52 m) lead wires
  • ICTD-P2—Immersion ICTD temperature probe, 3/8 inch in diameter, 5 ft (1.52 m) lead wires
  • ICTD—Temperature probe, overall length: 39 in (1 m)

You can use all three probes with a variety of Opto 22 analog input modules:

  • SNAP-AICTD (2-channel SNAP module)
  • SNAP-AICTD-4 (4-channel SNAP module)
  • SNAP-AICTD-8 (8-channel SNAP module—perfect for applications requiring several temperature sensors)
  • G4AD4 (G4 module)
  • AD4 (G1 Standard module)

For complete specs, see the ICTD Temperature Probes Data Sheet.

And for more information about temperature sensors—including RTDs, thermocouples, ICTDs, thermistors, and infrared sensors—see the white paper, I/O Solutions for Temperature Monitoring.

2D and 3D CAD Drawings Now Available for the groov Box

groov Box

To help with your system design, we now have both two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD drawings of the groov Box (GROOV-AT1) available for free download on our website.

As you know, groov is a new, simple way to build operator interfaces for your system and view them on any device, any size, any manufacturer, using just a modern web browser. groov opens up all kinds of new possibilities to securely monitor, commission, and control key parts of your system from anywhere.

The groov Box, an industrially hardened appliance you put on your network, contains all the groov software. Here are the drawings:

GROOV-AT1 2D CAD drawing
GROOV-AT1 3D CAD drawing

By the way, these are just the most recent CAD drawings available for download. We have many other product drawings, both 2D and 3D, on our downloads page. If there's a drawing you need that you don't see there, please contact Product Support and let us know about it.

What's Your Favorite Conference or Trade Show?

Opto 22 shows groov at the Automation Conference 2013

Is there an industry conference or trade show where you'd like to see Opto 22?

Attendees at two recent events got to see Opto 22's groov in action in our expo booth. Seeing groov in person really gets your imagination going!

We've recently been to:

Where would you like to see us next? Email us at marketing@opto22.com and tell us.

Tech Tip: Get Your groov Questions Answered


- What kind of security is in groov?
- How does groov get my tag database?
- Will a groov HMI work with my PLC?
- What's the minimum PAC firmware I need for groov?
- How do I get my free updates?

If you've got questions about groov, we've got answers. The groov Q&A answers all these and many more, plus troubleshooting questions that may come up as you work with groov.

Check out the groov Q&A.

Also, if you just want to brainstorm some ideas with other groov users, be sure to see the new groov forum.

If you have questions that aren't answered here, let us know.
Contact Opto 22 Product Support. Product support is always free.


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