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Imagine What You Can Do

groov: Imagine!

groov is Opto 22's new easy way to build operator interfaces for your SNAP PAC System and then view them on any device—computer, tablet, smartphone, even HDTV—with a modern web browser.

And we mean any device: any size, any shape, any manufacturer.

Just imagine what you can do with groov.

  • Monitor machine status over the Internet.
  • See production figures on your phone.
  • Control equipment in hard-to-reach areas from a laptop.
  • Check a live security video feed.
  • Use a tablet as an operator interface for your machine.
  • And so much more.

How will you use groov? Watch the new groov "Imagine" video and imagine what you can do.

New Release: SNAP PAC 9.3b Firmware


The latest version of SNAP PAC firmware has just been released.

Version 9.3b firmware applies to all SNAP PAC brains, SNAP PAC controllers, and G4EB2 brains.

You can get the firmware in two ways:

1. Download individual firmware files (locate your brain or controller in the list).

2. If you have several different SNAP PAC brains and controllers to update, download one firmware file that includes them all.

For all the details on what's included, take a look at the 9.3b Firmware Readme file.

Welcome New Opto 22 Distributors

4TEC Integration, Omega Energy Monitoring, and Zuno Sciences logos

We're happy to introduce three new sources for your Opto 22 products and assistance in the U.S.A.:

  • In the Omaha, Nebraska area, 4TEC Integration provides automation products and services for building automation; audio, video, and lighting control; telecom; and more.
  • Around the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Omega Energy Monitoring offers products and services for automation, integration, and energy metering and monitoring.
  • From Fort Wayne, Indiana, Zuno Sciences provides simple solutions (like Opto 22's SNAP PAC System and groov) for a variety of engineering and technology problems.

You can count on OptoDistributors like these for Opto 22 products and help with system integration whenever you need it.

Find your Regional Distributor in the U.S. and Canada
Find an International Distributor

Tech Tip: What are Simulation Commands Used For?

PAC Control Simulation commands

Simulation commands in PAC Control—what are they for?

Hopefully you're using them for at least a couple of key purposes: testing your control strategy without affecting real I/O (or before real I/O is hooked up) and automatically re-enabling I/O units that go offline.

Testing your control strategy—Simulation commands let you temporarily disable communication to one I/O point, a PID loop, an I/O unit, or to all I/O units or I/O points.

Then you can use these commands (the ones starting with IVAL) to test your strategy. If you don't have hardware yet you can still develop and debug your control program. Or if you're making a change, you can test it without affecting your real system.

Re-enabling I/O units—Occasionally an I/O unit may go offline unexpectedly, due to lightning or an electrical fault, and lose communication with the controller. It's best to have a special chart that takes care of this situation automatically by sending a command to re-enable the I/O unit. Here's a sample I/O Enabler chart you can use.

But you may find other uses for Simulation commands as well, if you use a little imagination. Here's one from the OptoForum.

A professor uses Opto 22 equipment in a lab for students. Some students are actually in the lab building, but some are online students who will use a groov interface to control the lab equipment virtually.

The issue is to make sure equipment being controlled by a student online can't be changed by a student in the lab at the same time. One solution: use Simulation commands to take the equipment offline on purpose while it's being used in remote mode. The Forum post includes a look at the flowchart and OptoScript used to solve this problem.

Questions or comments on Opto 22 products? Join the discussion on the OptoForum.


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