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All Opto 22 Videos Available on YouTube

SoftPAC PC-based controller video

Whether it's a tech talk video on control programming, a case study video like New Belgium Brewing, or an OptoMinute video introducing new products like SoftPAC for PC-based control, you'll find all our Opto 22 videos now on YouTube. You can even subscribe to receive a notice when new videos are posted.

We've also started using the YouTube player for videos on the Opto 22 website, so you can take advantage of its extra features like full-screen playback and high definition.

You'll find these features in the bottom right of the video, in the control bar.

YouTube player options on Opto 22 website

Add closed captioning (CC)—Captions are helpful if you want to watch silently or if English is not your first language. BUT be cautious with CC: our own Ben Orchard speaks with an Australian accent, and the machine-generated translation from YouTube is not understandable in some videos that feature him as host. (In fact in some places it's downright funny. Sorry, Ben. We'll get them fixed.)

Change video quality—Automatic quality is usually fine, but if you want to watch the video full-screen (see below), be sure to increase quality to one of the HD (high definition) settings.

Watch later—Save the video to your YouTube playlist so you can watch it later. Requires a login to the YouTube site.

Watch on YouTube—Watch the video on the YouTube website instead of the Opto 22 website. Same video, same player, same quality, so you can see it either place.

Full screen—Enlarge the video so it covers your entire screen. Full screen is especially useful if you're sharing the video with someone else. Be sure to increase quality, though, so the video still looks good (see above for how to do this).

Hope you enjoy the new features, and if you have any trouble watching videos on our site, please let us know by emailing marketing@opto22.com.

Welcome New Opto 22 Distributors

Airline Hydraulics logo

Here's a hearty welcome to two new Opto 22 Distributors in the U.S.

Airline Hydraulics joins us from Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Airline Hydraulics provides fluid power, automation, and motion control products and offers custom services as well. Give them a call at 800-999-7378 or email them at sales@airlinehyd.com.

Automation Solutions Plus logo

Automation Solutions Plus serves you from Weston, Wisconsin. They provide electrical controls, relays, sensors, PLCs, drives, circuit breakers, contactors, pushbuttons, timers, sockets, and related parts to a wide variety of customers. Call ASP at 715-355-0771 or email them at dennish@asplusllc.com.

To find an Opto 22 Distributor near you, check our Regional Distributors list or, outside the U.S. and Canada, find an International Distributor to serve you.

Opto 22 is Hiring!

Opto 22 is hiring

Our Careers page currently shows several openings, and we thought you might be able to help us fill them. Do you know a good software developer or firmware engineer? How about someone who's great at technical sales?

Most positions are located in our Temecula, California headquarters. Temecula's a small, well-run city with good weather, good schools, lots of parks, vineyards and wineries nearby, within driving distance of beaches, ski resorts, and big-city resources.

We're also looking for a Regional Sales Manager who will be based in the southeastern U.S.

  • Excellent benefits
  • Great people to work with
  • Equal opportunity employer

Apply today!

Tech Tip: Monitor a Battery Bank

SNAP-AIV2-i analog input module monitors battery bank

Do you need to monitor a battery bank, maybe for a solar array, a backup generator motor starter, or remote equipment?

It's pretty easy if you use the isolated SNAP-AIV2-i analog input module. Here's why.

With a range of -100 to +100 VDC, the SNAP-AIV2-i can measure any 12, 24, 48, or 52 volt battery bank. (The negative range also makes it suitable for telco applications.)

Since its two input points are isolated from each other, you can monitor two separate battery banks with one module. Or you can monitor the battery bank and the charger output, for example.

Like other Opto 22 dual-range modules, the SNAP-AIV2-i can be switched to half range to gain double the resolution. If you configure it for -50 to +50 VDC, it can measure changes as small as 2.0 mV. At -100 to +100 VDC, resolution is still 4.0 mV.

You don't need any external scaling devices (like resistors) to measure full battery voltage. You can connect the battery terminals to the module, set the range when you configure points in PAC Control, and then set up alarms in your PAC Control strategy for over- and under-voltage.

Pretty easy, right? And now you'll always know that your battery bank is healthy.

By the way, the SNAP-AIV2-i works with all SNAP PAC brains and R-series controllers, plus legacy SNAP brains, including Ethernet-based brains and the B3000-B (or older B3000) serial brain.

See the SNAP-AIV2-i data sheet (includes all SNAP isolated analog input modules).

Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.


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