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New Data Log Import/Export in PAC Display

PAC Project Software Suite for industrial automation

Now you can import and export PAC Display historic data logs as binary or comma-delimited files, making it easy to transfer data to and from spreadsheets and other software programs.

The latest version of our PAC Project Software Suite includes this new feature as well as PAC Display enhancements like these:

  • An additional level of Control Engine verification
  • Faster plotting for Supertrend historic logs
  • Options to configure numeric format for SuperTrends as decimal, exponent, or a mixture of both

The new release also includes minor bug fixes for PAC Display and PAC Manager.

Download the PAC Project Basic update
Download the PAC Project Professional update

More About Software Suite Release Numbers

Remember that the release version assigned to the PAC Project Software Suite is not the same as the release version for the suite's software components. The suite's release version is all numbers (in this case, 9.2004). The release version for its software components, like PAC Display, contains a letter (for example, 9.2e).

Not all components change with every release—in fact, many don't—so the release numbers of individual components like PAC Control or OptoDataLink may be different from each other.

For example, the new PAC Project Professional 9.2004 release contains the following software components:

  • PAC Control R9.2d
  • PAC Redundancy Manager R9.2a
  • PAC Display R9.2e
  • OptoOPCServer R9.2b
  • PAC Manager R9.2e
  • OptoDataLink R9.2b
  • PAC Utilities R9.2a

Vote for an Automation World Leader

Automation World Leadership in Automation Program, 2012

Vote for excellence!

Automation World invites automation professionals to recognize innovation, leadership and excellence among suppliers of automation software, technology and products.

That's how Automation World introduces their Leadership in Automation program for 2012 and asks you to vote for suppliers that make your job easier and your projects better.

Vote now for your favorite automation supplier. We hope it's Opto 22!
Here's the Information page for Opto 22.
(If Opto 22 isn't your favorite automation supplier, email us and let us know what we can do to earn your vote.)

eSight and Opto 22 Show L.A. How To Save on Energy

eSight Energy Road Show 2012

People from all over Los Angeles and Orange County met in Irvine this week for the eSight Energy Road Show, where they learned how to reduce energy costs the easy way, with OptoEMU Sensors and eSight software.

Opto 22's Arun Sinha demonstrated the OptoEMU Sensor, an easy-to-use appliance that connects to pulsing meters, electrical equipment and panels, and Modbus devices, and logs detailed data on how much energy you're using.

This data from the OptoEMU Sensor can be viewed in several ways and also used in building and control systems.

eSight Energy provides flexible web-based software for viewing and analyzing data from the OptoEMU Sensor. eSight offers a broad range of functions to meet the needs of industrial customers, facility owners and managers, and consultants or governmental entities monitoring remote locations.

Next stop for the Energy Road Show: Houston in December 2012. Check the eSight Energy website for more information.

Tech Tip: Edge Cases and Timestamping

Clock at midnight illustrates programming edge case

So you need to use the current date and time in your PAC Control logic—maybe to timestamp data or to start a process at a particular time on a specific date.

Of course PAC Control has commands to do this, and it sounds like a pretty simple job. But have you ever thought about what Opto 22 engineers call the "edge case"?

The edge case is a boundary condition, an unusual or extreme circumstance under which your normally straightforward program may not work the way you intended. And when programming, it's important to imagine possible edge cases and allow for them.

For example, say you're timestamping data. You use PAC Control commands to read the date and then read the time.

But if you read the date and time separately, what if it's very close to midnight? Say the strategy happens to read the date at 11:59:59 p.m. on April 1, 2013, for example, and then reads the time. The date and time are stored as April 1, 2013 at 00:00:02. But the actual date is April 2; the timestamp is a whole day off.

This edge case can be avoided by using the PAC Control command Get Date & Time, first introduced in PAC Project 9.1. This command reads the date and time atomically (in one transaction), so your timestamp will be correct. Here's a subroutine Opto 22 engineer Mary St. John built and shared in the OptoForums; it creates a timestamp in PAC Control.

What are some edge cases you've thought about or run into in your automation applications? You can share your edge case and your workaround—or ask for suggestions—in the OptoForums.


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