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New SNAP PAC Enclosures for Easy Installation

SNAP PAC enclosures for easy installation

Installing and protecting your SNAP PAC System just got easier with the new SNAP PAC enclosures. Each enclosure includes an I/O mounting rack and a power supply, already wired.

All you have to do is add the I/O processor and the SNAP input and output (I/O) modules required for your application, and place the completed I/O unit where you need it. Use either a SNAP PAC R-series controller or a SNAP PAC brain, and any SNAP I/O digital, analog, and serial modules.

Three enclosures are available:

SNAP-IT-PM12 is a NEMA3R metal housing for mounting on interior or exterior walls or equipment. It holds one processor and up to 12 I/O modules and includes a 24 V loop power supply. SNAP-IT-PM12 units are ideal for use in industrial environments, for example manufacturing and processing machinery, communication towers, tanks, and pipelines.

SNAP-IT-RM16 is a standard 3U box that can be rack-mounted or used as a tabletop unit. It holds one processor and up to 16 I/O modules. This enclosure is best for monitoring and controlling facilities and interior equipment.

SNAP-IT-WM4 is a sturdy polycarbonate industrial enclosure that holds one processor and up to four I/O modules. The SNAP-IT-WM4 has a transparent cover. A handy size for small areas, it mounts on any wall.

See all the new SNAP PAC enclosures.
Use the SNAP PAC Configurator to choose the I/O processor and modules to put inside your enclosure.

Opto aPAC Mobile App Wins First Place at ISA ExpoControl, México

Opto aPAC industrial automation app for Android

First Place Winner

First place winner for new innovations at the ISA ExpoControl 2012 in Mexico this year is Opto 22's mobile app for Android devices, Opto aPAC.

Opto aPAC will be exhibited at the Pavillion of Technological Innovations during the 3-day event. Opto 22 Distributor Opto 22 México will feature the mobile app as well as other Opto 22 products in their booth at the Expo.

ISA ExpoControl 2012

ISA ExpoControl 2012

Se llevará a cabo en México uno de los eventos más importantes en el ramo de la Instrumentación y Control que es la ISA ExpoControl 2012. Dicho evento reúne a los principales proveedores de la automatización en el país. Será los días 29, 30 y 31 de Agosto en el WTC (World Trade Center) en ciudad de México.

Opto 22 México estará presente para exhibir lo más nuevo de nuestros productos. Esperamos contar con su distinguida asistencia.

Para ir a la página principal de la ISA Expo Control 2012.
Para ver croquis y ubicar nuestro stand.

Resources for PID Loop Control

PID loop tuner in PAC Control

If you're involved in process applications that need to maintain temperature, flow, pressure, or velocity, you probably know something about proportional integral derivative (PID) loop control.

PID loops are complex mathematical algorithms. But if you have any SNAP PAC R-series controller or SNAP PAC brain, you've got 96 PID loops built right into the I/O processor. All you have to do is configure and tune them.

And because these PID loops run locally in the distributed processor, you can rely on them to keep running even through interrupted communication with the controller—whether that's a SNAP PAC controller, a PC-based controller, or an Allen-Bradley PLC.

PID loop control can be complex, because every system is different. Tuning PIDs takes skill and knowledge. Our new PID Loop Control topic page gives you resources to learn about PIDs and how to tune them for greatest efficiency.

See the PID Loop Control topic page.

Tech Tip: Copying Status Data for Yourself or Product Support

When you're troubleshooting your system, the status data for an Opto 22 Ethernet-based controller or brain can give you valuable information. This tip applies to all OptoMMP protocol devices, including SNAP PACs and older OptoMMP products such as E1s and SNAP Ultimate I/O.

Status data includes device type and version information, communications settings and errors, and a lot more. Here's a simple way to copy all status data so it's easy to read and compare. You can use it yourself or email the data to Product Support.

Copying SNAP PAC status data


  • 1. Open PAC Manager (Start > Programs > Opto 22 > PAC Project > PAC Manager). Click the Inspect button or choose Tools > Inspect.
  • 2. In the Inspect window, type the device's IP address or name in the Device Name field and press Enter.
  • 3. In the Status Read page, right-click in the middle of the data and choose Select All. Then right-click again and choose Copy.
  • 4. Open a new text document or spreadsheet and paste the data you copied.

Now you can see everything without scrolling. You can compare data from different devices or the same device at different times, and if you need to, you can email the file to Product Support for help.

Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.


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