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New Easy HMI Shows Energy Data

OptoEMU HMI shows your energy usage data

Here's a simple way to see the energy data your facility is using, so you can analyze detailed data and find ways to reduce costs. And it's a free download.

The new Energy Monitoring HMI displays data from one OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit (any model). The HMI shows data from all pulse inputs and inputs directly wired to electrical panels or equipment. (Modbus inputs will be added in version 2.) On an OptoEMU Sensor DR, you can also control outputs from the HMI.

Real-time energy data appears as trends on a graph and also as numeric values. And the HMI logs historical data, too, so you can see trends and compare energy usage over time.

You can use the HMI as is or adapt it to suit your needs, for example to change the interface or add more OptoEMU Sensors. The product download includes all the software you need plus a Quick Start Guide.

Get the Energy Monitoring HMI for OptoEMU Sensor now.

Code Contest Winners!

Opto 22 Code Contest winners announced

Congratulations to Nick Stephens and Carl Wadsworth for their award-winning entries in our summer Code Contest!

Nick's first place win earns him an Apple iPad, and Carl isn't far behind with his prize of a Nexus 7 tablet. Both entered more than once and provided some really helpful code to the OptoCommunity. Be sure to check out their entries—you may find your job made easier by the samples they've shared:

  • Nick's code turns your SNAP PAC R- or S-series controller into a standalone web server, so you can serve files and data to a web page directly from the controller. "Display live data, graphs, dynamic images...whatever your javascript heart desires," says Nick. See the PAC Web server code.
  • If your system uses the BACnet protocol, another of Nick's code samples may be just what you need: You can discover, read, and write commonly used objects like AI, AO, MI, MO, DI, DO. Each one is in a subroutine to make it easy. See the Homebrew BACnet/IP code.
  • One of Carl's winning code samples interpolates values using data in passed tables. Says Carl: "This is used for calculations that must be made using values in tables that cannot easily be represented as a mathematical function. For example, I use this to calculate things like stream flow and reservoir capacity from USGS rating tables." See Linear Interpolation.
  • Carl's Scratchpad Telemetry code is really helpful for applications with lots of remote sites, where you want a master site to poll the remote sites so the HMI only has to communicate with the master site. Carl uses the Scratch Pad on the controllers for telemetry data.

NOTE: If you have any problems opening the sample code .zip files and you're using Internet Explorer, try a different browser. We've had some problems opening these files with IE8, but Firefox works fine.

Many thanks to all the Code Contest entrants—we've got some really creative, talented folks in the OptoCommunity. Everyone who entered received an Opto 22 hat or shirt to thank them. Be sure to see all the sample code and find the samples you can use: OptoForums summer Code Contest.

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Sign up for an automation webinar with Martindale Associates, and they'll send you a $10.00 Dunkin' Donuts gift card.

Your engineering team will learn how to design a real-time data acquisition and control system using PAC Control programming software, HMI software, and data exchange software for SQL databases.

This private webinar from a highly experienced OptoDistributor gives you a detailed demonstration and plenty of time for questions, answered by a Martindale engineer.
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Tech Tip: Sending a Control Strategy for Others to Download

PAC Control automation software

Here's a tip useful for system integrators or anyone who needs to send a strategy to someone else for downloading to a PAC Control controller.

You could send a microSD card with the strategy on it and have the end user put in the card and reset the controller. But the cards are tiny and hard to label, and putting the wrong card in the controller could be a big problem.

You could also simply email the strategy and have the end user download it to the controller using PAC Control. But you may not want to give the actual strategy with PAC Control's full debug ability to someone at the other end.

So what else can you do?

OptoEngineer Selam Shimelash had the answer, and Ben Orchard wrote it up for the OptoForums: use the command-line version of PAC Terminal to create a simple batch file. Then email it and a compiled version of the strategy to the end user. Problem solved.

Read the details of how to do it here: Download to a Controller from a DOS Prompt.


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