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New! Mobile Automation on Android

Opto aPAC app for Android puts your control system in your hand

All you Android folks out there have been anxiously awaiting our release of Opto aPAC for Android smart phones and mobile devices. Now it's here!

Mobile meets automation in Opto aPAC, the app that puts your I/O and control variables right in your hand—with zero configuration.

Download the app from Google Play (just $4.99), touch Discover, and you'll see all the Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers and SNAP I/O on your network.

Authorized users can:

  • See and change all analog and digital point values.
  • View and change all tags: control variables, table elements, charts, I/O.
  • See controller status, firmware version, and strategy data.
  • Start and stop the strategy or its charts.
  • Create lists of devices or tags you want to monitor.

Ideal for commissioning, debugging, responding to alarms, and mobile connectivity to remote installations.


  • Android smart phone or tablet with OS version 2.2 or newer
  • Opto 22 SNAP PAC controllers, SNAP I/O units, and E1/E2 I/O units. Also works with serial I/O units and older mistic I/O units if they are connected to a SNAP PAC controller.
  • A secured wireless LAN network with access to controller and I/O network. Wireless SNAP PACs and I/O are NOT required. NOTE: FTP passwords should be added to individual devices using PAC Manager. Compatible with wireless routers and VPNs. Supports port forwarding.

Download the Opto aPAC app for Android now.
Get the Opto aPAC Quick Start Guide (pdf).

iOS users: Get Opto iPAC app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Put Energy Data in Your Browser

Want to see your energy usage data right in your browser while you surf the web? You can.

The new OptoEMU Browser Toolbar puts real-time data from an OptoEMU Sensor in a Firefox toolbar. You choose the data you want to see. You can also see data in a browser window as a table or graph, or in a desktop widget.

In the image below, the toolbar is circled in orange:

OptoEMU Sensor Browser Toolbar

Below, you see the toolbar plus a graph of energy data in the browser tab:

OptoEMU Browser Toolbar with graph

This free toolbar was developed by JayNick.com, LLC, an experienced developer of standalone and browser-based applications for sensor and device communication, data acquisition, and real-time data monitoring. Thanks, Jay!

Note that the toolbar works only with the Firefox browser.
Get the OptoEMU Browser Toolbar for Firefox.

Energy Management is a Financial Issue, not a Technical Issue

Manufacturing Business Technology logo Arun Sinha, Opto 22

"Basic, yet effective, energy management doesn't take complex technology. Energy consumption and demand is not difficult to measure."

Manufacturing Business Technology's recent article probes the best ways for manufacturers to approach energy management, and Opto 22's Arun Sinha has some good advice.

- Start simply from the top down, Arun says, rather than investing in extensive monitoring technology.
- Make sure the people responsible for using energy can see usage data as it happens.
- Take common-sense behavioral and operational steps to reduce energy costs.
- And there's more...

Read the article.

Tech Tip: Getting Controller Status Data

When you're working with multiple SNAP PAC controllers, PAC Terminal utility software can save you a lot of time. Today's tip reminds you how easy it is to get controller status data for all your controllers.

PAC Terminal is installed with any version of PAC Project.

To open PAC Terminal, choose Start > Programs > Opto 22 > PAC Project > Tools > PAC Terminal.

The main PAC Terminal window shows you all controllers' names and IP addresses.

  • For a quick summary of all controllers, click Scan All on the right side of the window.
  • Or highlight the controllers you're interested in and click Scan Selected.

Brief status messages appear in the Status column in the main window. Uh-oh, one of these has a stopped strategy:

PAC Terminal main window

For detailed information, double-click a controller's name in the list to open its Inspect window. You can open multiple Inspect windows to compare several controllers:

Pac Terminal Inspect window

The inspect window shows a lot of information:

  • The controller and its IP address
  • Firmware version
  • RAM available
  • How long it's been turned on
  • Date and time on the device (Click Sync time to PC to make sure the controller and the PC show the same time.)
  • Number of messages in the message queue (Click the blue number to open the message queue.)
  • Data on active and alternate strategies (An alternate strategy appears if you're using background downloading. You can use this section of the window to manually run or stop the strategy, switch strategies, and store either or both to flash memory.)
  • Communication loop time and communication errors

Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.


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