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G4EB2 Brain = New Life for Old Systems

G4D32EB2 Ethernet brain & rack for legacy G4 digital I/O

Now you can use legacy digital G4 and Quad Pak I/O with the latest SNAP PAC controllers.

Announcing the G4EB2 brain: an Ethernet-based brain that talks OptoMMP protocol. It's a drop-in replacement, so you can leave I/O and field wiring intact while you upgrade.

Three part numbers are available, each for a specific purpose:

  • G4D32EB2-UPG—Upgrade your G4D32RS mistic brick with this new G4EB2 brain and black metal cover. Replace the brain, but keep all 32 digital I/O modules and field wiring in place.
  • G4D32EB2—A complete Ethernet version of the legacy G4D32RS mistic digital rack. It includes a G4EB2 brain, a G4 module mounting rack, a G4REG onboard regulator, and a metal cover. Use for extending your existing G4 system.
  • G4EB2—Just the brain. Use it to replace a B4 brain on a G4PB32H or PB32HQ rack to use G4 or Quad Pak I/O with a SNAP PAC controller.

IMPORTANT: The new brain does not talk mistic or Pamux, just OptoMMP. It requires PAC Project 9.2 software and 9.2 firmware on your SNAP PAC controller. Version 9.2 will be released VERY soon! Watch for an announcement on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Heavy-industry Conglomerate Integrates Energy Data with ERP

Heavy industry

Moving from manual to automated data acquisition is a common feat for automation applications.

Integrating that new data with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in a huge conglomerate is more difficult to do.

Our new Application Brief, Energy Savings in Heavy Industry, shows how one large corporation in Asia managed energy data from multiple sub-factories to track accurate energy use.

The result? Reductions in both energy costs and maintenance costs.

Read the Energy Savings in Heavy Industry application brief.

Flowchart Programming and More in New Tech Talk Videos

How Is a Flowchart Better than Ladder Logic? - video

What's so great about flowchart programming?

What's a common database?

Get quick answers to these questions in two new short videos, part of our Tech Talk series, with Senior Technical Advisor Tom Edwards.

Watch How Is a Flowchart Better than Ladder Logic?
Watch Benefits of the Common Database

Tech Tip: Splitting Strings

OptoScript code for a split string subroutine

Have you ever wanted to split a string based on a character and have the result put into a table?

As the OptoForums show, you're not the only one. Someday we hope to have a PAC Control command to do exactly that—another item in the arsenal of "already awesome string commands," as forum member Nick Stephens puts it.

But in the meantime, here's some Split String sample code in the form of a subroutine from another forum contributor, Robert Cobourn, that does the trick. Thanks for sharing, Bob!

NOTE: If you have trouble opening the .zip attachment shown in the OptoForum, try a different browser. Or you can copy the code shown in the Forum window.

Be sure to join the OptoForums so you can post questions, answers, or code you'd like to share with other Opto 22 customers. All you need in order to post is a free My.Opto22 account.


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