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Tech Tip: Improved "Get Chart Status" Command

PAC Control

Firmware 9.1d marks an improvement to the Get Chart Status command in PAC Control.

When a chart is first started, it can take up to 100 ms before it is in the running state. If you start a chart and then immediately use the Get Chart Status command to verify that it is running, it might be too soon to know for sure. The improved command resolves this issue by giving you more information.

In the past, Get Chart Status returned a 32-bit integer with four bits of information. Now we've added an additional bit to indicate whether the chart is in that gray area (in the process of starting, but not yet running).

Here are the returned bits and their possible values:

  • Bit 0: Running? (0=No; 1=Yes)
  • Bit 1: Suspended? (0=No; 1=Yes)
  • Bit 2: In Step Mode? (0=No; 1=Yes)
  • Bit 3: In Break Mode? (0=No; 1=Yes)
  • Bit 17: Starting? (0=Chart is not in the process of starting; 1=Chart is in the process of starting or is currently running)

You can take advantage of the improved Get Chart Status command by using controller firmware 9.1d (make sure you get the firmware for your controller model). The Help file and the Command Reference don't mention it yet but will be updated for the next release of PAC Control. In the meantime, here are some more tips for using the better-than-ever command:

  • Put the return value in a 32-bit integer, not a float. That way you can check the individual bits.
  • To find out if a chart is running, check both bit 0 and bit 17. If both bits are 0, the chart hasn't been started yet. If 0=0 and 17=1, the chart is starting. If both are 1, the chart is running.

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