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New SNAP Output Module for Stepper Motor Drives

SNAP-SCM-ST2 output module for stepper motor drives

The new SNAP-SCM-ST2 pulse output module provides pulse and direction signals, via a serial connection, for two stepper motor drives. The two channels can either output a constant frequency or ramp from one frequency to another.

Use the SNAP-SCM-ST2 with PAC Control and a SNAP PAC controller with firmware R9.1a or newer. The module supports these pulse output commands in PAC Control:

SetPulseFrequency—outputs a set frequency until instructed to do otherwise.
SetPulseSequence—ramps from one frequency to another.

See the SNAP-SCM-ST2.
See all SNAP serial communication modules.

SSR Cross-Reference Product List Now Available

Opto 22 solid state relays (SSRs) - guaranteed for life

Have you ever needed to replace a solid state relay (SSR) and wondered which Opto 22 part number is the right one to use?

Now you can easily replace other manufacturers' SSRs with guaranteed-for-life Opto 22 SSRs. We test each SSR individually—twice—to make sure it's reliable before we ship it to you.

The next time you need to replace an SSR, use this handy cross-reference product list to choose the part number you need.

View the SSR cross-reference product list online, or download the SSR Cross-Reference Products List (pdf) for a printable copy.

Curso de Inducción a los Sistemas PAC en México

SNAP PAC System classes at Holiday Inn Express, Mexico City

Serán dos sesiones las que se tendrán en Ciudad de México en este mes y serán impartidas por Miguel Ángel Cuevas de Instrumentación y Control 22, distribuidor master de Opto 22 para México e instructor certificado por Opto 22.

Cada clase consta de 2 días durante los cuales se verá todo lo relacionado a los controladores para automatización programables (PACs), SNAP I/O, y el suite de programación PAC Project.

El curso es sin costo e incluye comida.

El curso está limitado a 10 integrantes, para evitar quedar fuera favor de registrarse con tiempo en ic22@ic22.com.mx con el asunto Curso Opto 22.

Fechas: Lunes 24 y martes 25 de octubre de 2011
Miércoles 26 y jueves 27 de octubre de 2011
Lugar: Ciudad de México, Hotel Holiday Inn Express Reforma

Para más información: Inducción a sistemas de control Opto 22 (pdf).

Tech Tip: Change Default Out-of-range Input Value

Our latest tech tip comes again from the OptoForums. This one's about the default out-of-range value for analog input points, which on most Opto 22 I/O units is the magic number -32768.

The forum comments suggest checking your system periodically to catch any inputs that are showing out-of-range values. This is a great way to find small problems before they turn into large ones.

But what if -32768 is a valid value for your application? You can change the default. Here's how to do so in PAC Manager.

1. Open PAC Manager and click the Inspect icon.

2. In the Inspect window, enter the I/O unit's IP address in the Device Name field.

3. Click the Status Write button in the upper left. Look for Out Of Range Value.

Changing out-of-range default value in PAC Manager

4. To change the value, click it and enter the new value you want. This field expects a 4-byte float.

5. Click the Apply button. The value changes immediately.

6. In the Operations Commands list under OptoMMP Device, highlight Store configuration to flash. Click the Send Command button. Once the new value is stored to flash memory, it will remain even if power to the I/O unit is lost.

For more ideas, read the OptoForum post. To see images and to post your own questions and comments, make sure you're logged into your My.Opto22 account.


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