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New SNAP Mechanical Relay Modules Switch Loads to 250 VAC, 6 A

SNAP mechanical relay output module switches loads up to 250 VAC, 6 A

Announcing two new SNAP mechanical power relay output modules that can switch more current than any previous SNAP output module: up to 6 amps at 250 VAC or 30 VDC.

SNAP-OMR6-C is Form C: Each of the four mechanical contacts can be used as normally open or normally closed.
SNAP-OMR6-A is Form A: All four mechanical contacts are normally open.

Both modules have four isolated channels, each of which can carry 6 amps without affecting the others. Since channels are not polarity sensitive, each channel can switch either AC or DC power.

Mechanical power relay modules work not only with all SNAP PAC brains and R-series controllers, but also with legacy SNAP Ultimate, SNAP Ethernet, and SNAP Simple brains, as well as other SNAP brains such as the serial B3000 and B3000-B. These modules are compatible with SNAP PAC, B-series, and M-series mounting racks.

See the new modules: SNAP-OMR6-C and SNAP-OMR6-A

OptoGreen Grant Helps Cal Poly Students Explore Alternative Energy

Cal Poly Pomona won an OptoGreen Grant

Our latest OptoGreen Grant goes to California State Polytechnic College in Pomona, California, one of the largest engineering colleges in the state.

The school's Alternative and Renewable Energy Laboratory will use Opto 22 SNAP PAC hardware and PAC Project software to monitor, control, and acquire data from a combination fuel cell and off-grid photovoltaic (PV) system on the campus.

In addition, SNAP PAC Learning Center units will support curriculum for both undergraduate and graduate engineering classes.

The laboratory's director, Dr. Kevin R. Anderson, is enthusiastic about flowchart-based control programming, noting that students will be able to quickly develop control strategies and HMIs for monitoring the test apparatus.

Could you use an OptoGreen Grant for projects, machinery, products, or research related to renewable energy, energy consumption optimization, sustainability, or environmental remediation? Take a look at our OptoGreen Grant program, started in 2007 to encourage companies and organizations who are working on products, services, or research related to "green" energy.

Reminder: Training Class in Massachusetts

Martindale Associates teaches SNAP PAC System classes

Don't forget the hands-on SNAP PAC System training class in Massachusetts, coming up in September.

This intensive three-day class is taught by Opto 22 Distributor and OptoCertified Trainer Martindale Associates. You'll learn about PAC Project software, SNAP PAC controllers, and SNAP I/O. No prior Opto 22 knowledge is required.

SNAP PAC System Training Class
When: September 13-15, 2011, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where: 65 Avco Road, Unit M, Haverhill, MA 01835
Price: $600 per person. Lunch is included all three days.
Space is limited to six people.

For information or to register, contact Barbara Taif at Martindale:
Phone: 978-372-2120 ext. 123
Toll-Free (in the U.S. and Canada): 1-800-447-1191
Email: training@martindaleassoc.com

Tech Tip: Sample Chart for New Commands in PAC Control 9.1

PAC Control 9.1 sample chart

If you're using the new HTTP commands in PAC Control 9.1, here's a sample flowchart that may help you.

Just posted in our Samples & Freeware section, the chart illustrates how the new commands work.

Before you try to download the sample, make sure you have PAC Project 9.1 and firmware 9.1 (or newer). Then follow these steps:

1. Download the sample chart.

2. Open your strategy in Configure mode.

3. Choose Chart > Import.

4. In the Import dialog box, click Select and locate the sample you downloaded. In the Name field, enter a name for the chart. Click OK.

5. Once the chart is imported, take a look at how it uses the new commands. Then you can alter the chart as needed for your purpose.

More information is in the PAC Control User's Guide (form 1700) and Command Reference (form 1701).


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