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New OptoMMP Server Speeds Peer-to-Peer Communication

SNAP PAC programmable automation controllers

Peer-to-peer communication among SNAP PAC controllers uses the Scratch Pad area in each controller's memory map for sharing data. If you have several controllers sharing data, you'll want to know about our new OptoMMP Server.

This new freeware puts Scratch Pads from multiple controllers all in the same place on a PC for fast, easy access. Features:

  • Provides a method to back up system setpoints or states from PAC controllers.
  • Creates a single high-performance Scratch Pad array for multiple controllers.
  • Supports extended numeric Scratch Pad arrays.

The pdf included in the download explains how to add your PC as a generic OptoMMP device in PAC Control; then use regular Scratch Pad commands in your PAC Control strategy to read and write data.

Download OptoMMP Server.

Video: Quick Ad-Hoc Wireless Connections

Wireless Ad-Hoc Mode OptoMinute video

In our latest OptoMinute video, Opto 22 engineer Ben Orchard introduces ad-hoc mode for quick wireless installations.

Though less secure than normal infrastructure mode, ad-hoc can be useful when two wireless devices need to communicate temporarily.

The AdHocConfig download on our website gives you a file to make configuration in PAC Manager easier, plus a technical note that explains how to set up ad-hoc mode.

Watch the Wireless Ad-Hoc Mode video.
Read the Wireless Ad-Hoc Mode Configuration technical note.
Get the AdHocConfig download.

ISA ExpoControl 2011 México

ISA ExpoControl 2011 Mexico

Los invitamos a reuníarse con Ing. Norma Rodriguez de Opto 22 y distribuidor Ing. Javier de la Garza de Instrumentación y Control 22 en la Ciudad de Méxcio la próxima semana en la exposición ISA ExpoControl 2011 México.

Norma y Javier presentarán el Sensor de OptoEMU en una conferencia el 24 de Agosto a las 18:20-19:10 en el salon Tajín. Estarán disponibles en el Stand 1502 durante la exposición para discutir soluciones para sus sistemas de control y monitoreo.

ISA ExpoControl 2011 México
Fecha: 24-26 de Agosto, 2011
Donde: Centro Internacional de Exposiciones y Convenciones WTC Ciudad de México

Para más información: Artículo en la revista InTech
Resumen de Conferencias

Tech Tip: Naming Conventions Debate in OptoForums

PAC Control development software for automation and monitoring

What's in a name? Plenty, it seems.

A recent discussion in the OptoForums shows a variety of strongly held ideas on how you should name variables and I/O in your PAC Control strategy.

  • How can you easily find the variable you want in a long list?
  • What the heck is Hungarian notation, and why would you want to use it?
  • Do you shout some of your variable names in ALL_CAPS?

Naming conventions can really make a difference in how easy it is to program in PAC Control.

What scheme do you use? Add your ideas on naming conventions to the OptoForums discussion.


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