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New PAC Project and Firmware 9.1 with Authenticated Emails

PAC Project 9.1 - new release

Announcing PAC Project 9.1 and Firmware 9.1b for SNAP PAC controllers and brains.

With the latest version of our PAC Project Software Suite for automation, you can send authenticated email with attachments from within a control strategy.

You also get new commands for more accurate timing, support for the new SNAP-AITM-4i thermocouple input module, new scaling in 3-phase power monitoring modules, and more.

New 9.1b firmware adds support for the new features in PAC Project 9.1. Everyone using 9.1 PAC Project should update firmware to 9.1b whether you use controller redundancy or not. (There used to be a different firmware version for systems without redundancy.)

Details on new PAC Project features are in the PAC Project Release Notes (form 1957).
Firmware details are in the SNAP PAC Firmware Readme file.

Download PAC Project 9.1 now:
PAC Project Basic
PAC Project Pro

New Video Introduces Opto iPAC App

Opto iPAC OptoMinute video

In just about 60 seconds, you can see how to monitor and control your SNAP PAC controllers and I/O with your iPhone!

Engineer Ben Orchard gives you this quick video introduction to the new Opto iPAC app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

You can read and write to I/O points, check and change PAC Control strategy variables, even stop and start charts and the strategy itself.

Watch the Opto iPAC video.
Learn more about Opto iPAC.

Kick Off Your Energy Savings at Soldier Field August 24

Soldier Field in Chicago hosts eSight Energy Summit

Join Opto 22 and eSight Energy in Chicago later this month for a free one-day summit on energy.

You'll learn how to manage energy, explore real-life energy case studies, and share techniques for analyzing energy usage to identify savings.

You'll also see the latest industry trends and products—like our OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit. As you know, the easy-to-use Sensor simplifies energy monitoring for small- and medium-sized industrial and commercial businesses.

eSight Energy logo

What: eSight Energy Summit
When: Wednesday, August 24th, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Where: Soldier Field Football Stadium in Chicago, Illinois
Cost: Free of charge. Includes lunch & refreshments.

To register or find out more: http://www.eSightenergy.com/USAS

Tech Tip: Connect Wirelessly without an Access Point

iPhone and Opto 22 devices communicate in ad-hoc mode

Suppose you want to communicate wirelessly with an OptoEMU Sensor or a Wired+Wireless™ SNAP PAC controller or brain, but there's no wireless network in place.

  • Maybe you're using the Opto iPAC app on your iPhone to see variables in a Wired+Wireless SNAP PAC controller.
  • Maybe you need to communicate with an OptoEMU Sensor using a laptop.
  • Or maybe you want two Wired+Wireless devices to talk directly with each other, and there's no access point nearby.

In all these cases, ad-hoc mode could come in handy.

Ad-hoc mode is a standard for wireless devices to communicate directly with each other, peer-to-peer. While less secure than the common infrastructure mode, ad-hoc mode can be useful for temporary wireless connections.

Our new technical note shows you how to configure ad-hoc mode on your Opto 22 devices using PAC Manager. It also includes steps for configuring ad-hoc mode on a smart phone. To make it easy, we've also included a file that simplifies configuration in PAC Manager.

Download the Ad-Hoc Configuration file and technical note.


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