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Opto iPAC App: Your Opto 22 System in Your Hand!

Opto iPAC app for iOS - monitor and control your Opto 22 system with your iPhone

Have you ever wished you had an iPhone app for your monitoring or control system? Well, here's Opto iPAC!

Now you can see and control your Opto 22 system with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Great for commissioning, debugging, responding to alarms, and connecting to remote installations. Authorized users can:

  • See digital point status. Turn digital outputs on or off.
  • View analog point values. Write values to analog outputs.
  • View and change all tags: control variables, table elements, charts, I/O.
  • See controller status, firmware version, and strategy data.
  • Stop or run the current strategy. Start and stop charts.
  • Automatically discover all Opto 22 devices on your network.
  • Save the devices you want to monitor in named lists.
  • Create watch lists for the tags you want to monitor.
  • Search globally for device name, IP address, firmware, strategy, and watch list tags.

The Opto iPAC app is specifically designed for Opto 22 systems. Cost: $4.99

Download the Opto iPAC app from the iTunes Store now.
See the Quick Start Guide.

Five Easy Steps to Learning the SNAP PAC System

SNAP PAC System self-training guide

If you can't come to free training in California or take a class from an OptoCertified Trainer in your area, here's a new way to learn about the SNAP PAC System.

In five easy steps, the new SNAP PAC System Self-Training Guide on our website gives you the basics.

Explore videos and try out the software for free. Then get help in designing your own system and choosing components suited to your application.

See the SNAP PAC System Self-Training Guide.

SNAP PAC System Training in Massachusetts

Martindale Associates teaches SNAP PAC System classes

Fall is a great time to go to the northeastern U.S. And this year you can get hands-on SNAP PAC System training from an OptoCertified instructor and enjoy the fall color at the same time.

This intensive three-day class is taught by Opto 22 Distributor and Certified Trainer Martindale Associates. You'll learn about PAC Project software, SNAP PAC controllers, and SNAP I/O. No prior Opto 22 knowledge is required.

SNAP PAC System Training Class
When: September 13-15, 2011, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where: 65 Avco Road, Unit M, Haverhill, MA 01835
Price: $600 per person. Lunch is included all three days.
Space is limited to six people.

For information or to register, contact Barbara Taif at Martindale:
Phone: 978-372-2120 ext. 123
Toll-Free (in the U.S. and Canada): 1-800-447-1191
Email: training@martindaleassoc.com

Design News Offers Strategies for Energy Monitoring

Learn strategies for energy monitoring

A recent Design News article on energy monitoring notes that we've all heard about smart meters and changes in energy pricing. These are aspects of the smart grid focused on the supply of energy.

But energy customers—those of us on the demand side—can take advantage of new developments to proactively prepare for the smart grid and to reduce costs now.

As Design News reports, it's really a question of taking control of your own energy-using processes and equipment, putting communications in place and gathering the data you need for decision-making.

New utility pricing schemes like time-of-use pricing and demand-response programs offer real incentives to analyze energy usage in detail.

New energy monitoring appliances, sensors, and software based on standards like Ethernet are making it easier to get started. (You've already met the OptoEMU Sensor, an energy-monitoring appliance that gives you detailed, real-time energy usage data.)

Read the Design News article.


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