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Tech Tip: Mirroring I/O

Mirroring Opto 22 SNAP I/O

For this tip, let's suppose you need to monitor several gauges in the field and want their values to appear on dials in another location.

You could run wiring from the gauges to the dials. Lots of wiring. You could add a controller to read the values and write them.

Or you could just mirror I/O from an I/O unit near the gauges to an I/O unit at the dials, using just one Ethernet connection (even a wireless one).

Or suppose you have a bank of lights in one building that you want to control with switches in another building. Same thing; you can mirror I/O from the switches' digital inputs to the lights' digital outputs.

Mirroring is a simple way to automatically change all the points on one I/O unit to match all the points on another I/O unit. Mirroring reads the current analog values and the current digital status of the points on the first I/O unit and writes the data to the same point numbers on the second one. You choose how often to write the values.

A few limitations:

  • You must use 4-channel digital modules and/or analog modules with four channels or less. (Mirroring does not support high-density digital modules. You can use analog input modules with more than four points, but only the first four points will be mirrored.)
  • Digital modules must be in positions 0-7 on the rack. Analog modules can be anywhere.
  • Remember that all digital and analog points are mirrored (within these limitations), so make sure that the points on the second I/O unit are configured to accept the values that will be written to them.
  • If you are using a controller and choose to mirror I/O, make sure that mirroring does not interfere with strategy logic.

You configure mirroring on the first I/O unit, the one that sends the data. For steps, see Chapter 3 of the PAC Manager User's Guide, form 1704. Look in the index under "Mirroring I/O point data" or search for "mirroring" in the PDF file.

Though you won't use mirroring often, it can be a simple way to solve what might otherwise be an expensive automation task.

Questions? Comments? Contact Product Support.

Don't Miss a Word on Opto 22 YouTube Videos

SNAP PAC System video now has closed captioning

We're adding closed captioning to our videos, and the first two are now appearing on YouTube.

Closed captioning prints the text of the video at the bottom of the video screen.

You can watch the video with the sound turned down and still know what's going on. You can be sure you know exactly what was said.

And if English is not your first language, it will be easier to understand the video because you can read as well as listen.

Enjoy these videos now and watch for more to be added. To see the text, just click the little CC below the video on the right.

Expo Frío Refrigeration Expo Held in Santiago

Interlog at Expo Frío in Santiago, June 2011

Some 1000 people from the food, transportation, and retail industries attended Expo Frío in Santiago, Chile on June 1.

Opto 22's Chilean Distributor Interlog demonstrated the OptoEMU Sensor as well as SNAP PAC System hardware and software at the event. That's Interlog engineer Rodrigo Flores in the photo at right, talking with attendees.

Attendees were most interested in:

  • Monitoring and controlling energy consumption at a plant
  • Seeing temperatures and other graphics in a PAC Display HMI
  • Ease of programming with PAC Control flowcharts
  • Modularity and versatility of SNAP PAC System controllers and I/O

Questions ranged from forecasting and transportation to refrigeration, traceability in supply chains, mobile technology, and tracking temperatures.

OptoTerminal G70 and G75 Near End of Life

OptoTerminal-G70 and OptoTerminal-G75 end-of-life notice

We've been informed by Beijer Electronics (formerly QSI Corp.) that due to the discontinuation of required parts and components, they will no longer be producing the OptoTerminal-G70 and OptoTerminal-G75.

You'll find last purchase and delivery date information in Beijer's End-of-Life Notice. In the notice, part number OPTOTERMINAL-G70 is equivalent to QTERM-G70, and OPTOTERMINAL-G75 is equivalent to QTERM-G75.

As you know, we try very hard to provide support and upgrade paths for the hardware we manufacture. No simple upgrade path is available from Beijer. However, we are concerned about how this end-of-life decision will affect you and will work with you to resolve any issues it causes for your business.

Please read the End-of-Life Notice and then contact us at marketing@opto22.com with any concerns you may have.


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