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OptoEMU Sensor Wins 2011 Engineers' Choice Award

OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit wins Engineers' Choice award

And the winner is...OptoEMU Sensor!

We're delighted to announce that the OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit has won the Control Engineering Engineers' Choice Award for technological innovation in the Network Integration - Data Acquisition category.

Readers of OptoNews already know that the easy-to-use OptoEMU Sensor monitors the energy used in your facility and sends the data in real time to an online energy monitoring software service such as Pulse Energy or Google PowerMeter. OptoEMU Sensor gives you the data you need to analyze exactly how you are using energy and take steps to reduce your energy costs.

This is the 10th Control Engineering award for Opto 22 products. Past winners include Wired+Wireless PACs and I/O and intelligent remote SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley systems (IO4AB).

The Engineers' Choice Awards are the result of voting by Control Engineering's print and online subscribers—engineers in the field, just like you. We thank you for the honor!

Learn more about OptoEMU Sensor.
See live data from an OptoEMU Sensor at Opto 22 headquarters.
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Explore Energy Solutions with New Video and White Paper

OptoEMU Sensor video

If you're interested in reducing energy costs in your facility, here are two resources you'll want to check out:

Our new video about the OptoEMU Sensor energy monitoring unit. In just over sixty seconds, Opto 22 Engineer Ben Orchard introduces OptoEMU Sensor and the kinds of energy data you'll see from the Sensor.

Our white paper, Automation and the Smart Grid: Energy Management Today. This paper gives you a background on electrical energy production in the U.S. and the vision for a national Smart Grid. It also spells out specific steps you can take today to manage your industrial energy use. It's well worth a read.

Case Study: Metrology Lab Uses SNAP PAC System to Certify Calibration

Metrology laboratory uses SNAP PAC System to certify calibration

Ever think about the importance of accurate scales, fuel pumps, meters, and other everyday equipment?

From getting the fuel you're paying for, to measuring recipe ingredients in pharmaceuticals, to collecting appropriate local taxes, we all depend on accurate calibration of machines and devices.

In the Madrid Autonomous Region of Spain, the only approved metrology laboratory is the Centro de Laboratorios de Madrid (CLM). CLM is responsible for certifying the accuracy of equipment in its region.

To control, measure, and acquire the necessary data for doing so, CLM chose Opto 22's SNAP PAC System.

Our latest case study explores CLM's system and how they use SNAP I/O, SNAP PAC controller, and PAC Project software to accomplish their important job.

Read the case study.

New SNAP-AIPM-3V Power Monitoring Module

SNAP-AIPM-3V power monitoring module

Our newest input module for monitoring electrical power makes installation safer and less expensive.

The new SNAP-AIPM-3V monitors three-phase power through current transformers (CTs) with a 0.333 VAC secondary. Compared with CTs that have a 1-10 amp secondary, the low voltage of these CTs makes them less expensive to buy and much more safe, during both installation and use.

Like its cousin, the SNAP-AIPM-3 (which uses 1-10 amp CTs), the SNAP-AIPM-3V measures volts and amps for all three phases, and then calculates true power and volt-amps for each phase, plus the sums for all phases.

As part of your SNAP PAC System, this detailed energy data helps you manage energy use and control energy costs.

See the new SNAP-AIPM-3V.
See 0.333 VAC split-core CTs, available from Opto 22.


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