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More Speed for Your System: Learn from Webinars and Training

Optimizing SNAP PAC System throughput webinar

Make your SNAP PAC System fly! In this repeat of a favorite seminar, Opto 22 Engineer Ben Orchard shares ways to optimize throughput in your system. Learn about:

  • PAC controller multitasking
  • Using delays to speed up your system (Sounds crazy, but it works!)
  • Tips for efficient I/O communication
  • Improving PAC Display throughput

Optimizing SNAP PAC System Throughput Seminar
When: October 21, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00)
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Recommended for: Customers with a basic understanding of PAC Control
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Upcoming webinar: Recetas en PAC Display

Training reminder: Contact Martindale Associates for SNAP PAC System training in Massachusetts, October 26-28.
Phone: 800-447-1191 or 978-372-2120
Email: training@martindaleassoc.com

Free Publicity for Your Products and Services

New Belgium Brewing case study video

Our video crew is on the move again! Would you like to showcase your products or services in an Opto 22 case study video?

Like New Belgium Brewing, your business can be featured in a professional-quality video. You can use it on your website, and we'll promote it on YouTube and in industry trade media.

Or maybe you need quality printed information about your company to leave with customers or hand out at a trade show. We can give you a written case study, with full-color photos, describing your control solution using Opto 22 products.

Opto 22's Case Study Program is free. We do the work; you're involved at the level you want to be and have final say on what's published and where.

Learn more about the case study program.
See more case study videos.
See examples of written case studies.
Call for more info: 800-321-6786 (toll-free in the U.S.) or 951-695-3010
Email: dcrump@opto22.com

Refrigeration Workshop Helps Customers in South Florida

Some attendees at Optomize/Jelectron refrigeration workshop in South Florida

Opto 22 distributor Optomize and OptoPartner Jelectron recently joined forces in a workshop to help refrigeration customers in South Florida.

Optomize distributes all Opto 22 products in the area and provides OptoCertified hands-on training on the SNAP PAC System, in both English and Spanish.

Systems integrator Jelectron is experienced in refrigeration systems from small freezers to large cold-storage warehouses. They provide modular PAC-based control and monitoring with all the features needed for these critical systems, including historical data logging, smart alarming, and easy-to-use operator interfaces.

Productivity Tip: New Easy Way to Build Your I/O

SNAP I/O Configurator

Here's the first in a new series of productivity tips—quick ways to do things and find things you need.

You're really going to like this tool: the SNAP I/O Configurator. It's like the I/O Selector on steroids—a graphic way to build I/O units.

Pick a rack-mounted controller or brain for I/O processing. There it is, on the rack.

Need a Factory Mutual approved, channel-to-channel isolated, digital input for DC voltage? Piece of cake. Check the boxes and choose the one you want. Hey, this is almost fun.

As you fill the rack, you can track the number of points you've got. Make the rack shorter or longer. Look at the wiring diagram. Replace a part or add a note to it. Clear everything and start over.

And then you can save it. Build a new one, or send a saved configuration for a quote or for review by one of our application engineers. Start building a bill of materials (BOM) if you like. Your saved configurations remain as long as you're on the same PC; to make sure they're saved, just log into my.opto22 and they'll be kept in your account till you delete them.

Play with the SNAP I/O Configurator.

Find the SNAP I/O Configurator next time on Opto 22's homepage:

Find the SNAP I/O Configurator on Opto 22's homepage


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