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Improve your Bottom Line through Energy Monitoring

Seminar: Improve your bottom line through energy monitoring

It's true: energy management may be your number one way to boost profits. Join our next webinar and learn from Bill Holmes, P.E., who has spent the last 30 years reducing energy costs for all kinds of facilities. Watch and learn:

  • What real results you can get from monitoring energy
  • How to design your energy monitoring system

How to Use Energy Monitoring to Improve the Bottom Line
When: September 23, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00)
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Recommended for: All customers
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- Introducción a OptoDataLink, 30 de Septiembre
- Controller Redundancy in PAC Control 9, October 7

Mariah Plant Reduces Utility Costs, Increases Profits

Energy usage, Mariah Meat Packing case study

At the Mariah Meat Packing Plant, rising utility costs were reducing profits and threatening the plant's very existence. Utilities represented the plant's third largest expense (after raw product and personnel), and yet the company had little real knowledge of where those dollars were going.

Bill Holmes of Holmes Energy (our guest for next week's webinar on energy monitoring) is an expert in facility energy management. He designed an energy monitoring system based on Opto 22 hardware to monitor and reduce Mariah's electrical costs.

Real-time data from the system gave plant managers the information they needed to reduce energy consumption—and avoid substantial expenditures that turned out to be unnecessary.

Read the case study.

Visit Industriële Week 2010 in Utrecht

Industriële Week 2010 logo

Join Opto 22's Dutch distributor Mulder-Hardenberg at Industriële Week 2010 in Utrecht.

Industriële Week 2010 offers a whole week of information for the industrial community, encompassing four areas (Industrial Processing, Drives, Macropak, and Automation Industry).

Mulder-Hardenberg will show you the latest developments in industrial automation products and will focus on SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley PLC systems (IO4AB).

Industriële Week
When: 5-8 October 2010
Where: Jaarbeurs Utrecht
Visit us at booth 03.D057
More information
Free registration

Tech Tip: Recovering PAC Project Files, Part 2

PAC Display

The last edition of OptoNews showed you how to archive PAC Control files, so you always have a backup available.

This OptoNews edition shows you how to archive or back up PAC Display project files. These files give you the ability to revert back to an older version of your project if the need arises.

You can make an archive manually or set up automatic backups.

To make an archive file manually, with the project open in PAC Display Configurator, choose File > Archive Project. The archive file is saved to your PC in the project directory, as a zipped file containing everything you need for the project.

Automatic archiving in PAC Display

For automatic backups, choose File > Configurator Options. Check the box next to Auto Increment Version on Save. Now every time you save the project, it is saved just like a new project, with a new version number. If the project's filename is FactoryHMI, for example, it is saved as FactoryHMI_1 the first time you save it, FactoryHMI_2 the second time, and so on. The older project file remains intact, so you can go back to it at any time.

Note that a new version is NOT saved when you choose File > Save and Load Runtime, however. It only works when you just save.

Remember to copy archive or backup files to an external hard drive, CD, or USB key, and keep a copy in a separate physical location as well.

After awhile automatic backups build up, so it's a good idea to delete earlier versions you don't need to avoid cluttering your PC.

For more information, see the PAC Display User's Guide, form #1702. Look in the index under "Archive Project or File."

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