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Verify Voltage to Avoid Hardware Problems

Video: Verifying voltage at the rack

Opto 22 I/O racks require 5.0 to 5.2 volts DC in order to operate well. But what's the best way to verify that the rack is receiving the correct voltage?

This new OptoMinute video shows you how. In just over a minute, Application Engineer Ben Orchard shows you how to measure voltage at the rack to avoid hardware problems.

Watch the video

Landfill Sites Use PACs to Clean Up Leachate

Landfill site case study

The average person living in a developed country produces between a half ton and one and a quarter tons of waste, every year. Where does all this waste end up?

Well over half of it is buried in landfills, where the leachate—rainwater that picks up contaminates from the waste—must be treated and monitored, so that no contaminates escape and foul public water sources.

Enter SNAP PAC controllers.

In the United Kingdom, Opto 22 Distributor and system integrator System Devices UK Ltd. uses SNAP PACs and I/O in flexible systems they design for landfill operators. Our latest case study explores such a system in Lancashire, England.

Among other things, the PAC controls an extensive series of remote wells and pumps using Modbus/TCP, sends text messages to technicians if alarms occur, collects data for regulatory compliance, and segments the control system from the corporate computer network.

Read the case study

See Live Demos in Georgia Workshop

Redundant controllers and More workshop

Have you wondered about:

- Controller redundancy for another layer of reliability in your control system?
- Wireless PAC controllers and remote I/O for areas without a wired network?
- IO4AB: reliable, intelligent SNAP I/O for your Allen-Bradley PLC system?

Now you can see all these, plus new features in the PAC Project 9.0 Software Suite for industrial automation, at a FREE workshop in Marietta, Georgia.

Opto 22 Distributor Advanced Control Solutions (ACS) presents a full morning of live demos and answers your automation questions.

Free Workshop
When: September 1, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Where: ACS Corporate Office - Marietta, GA
Seating is limited. Reserve your seat now.
For more information, see the ACS website or call 800-969-7772.

Learn Basic System Troubleshooting in Webinars Next Week

SNAP PAC System Troubleshooting Seminar

Opto 22 Product Support Engineer Norma Rodriguez has helped customers troubleshoot problems with their industrial automation systems since 1991. Now she brings you her expertise, in both English and Spanish.

  • See how to use PAC Project features and feedback for troubleshooting
  • Locate troubleshooting resources on our website
  • Find out tips about working with Product Support

Basic Troubleshooting for the SNAP PAC System Seminar
When: August 26, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00)
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Recommended for: All customers using the SNAP PAC System
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Como Solucionar Problemas Básicos de Sistemas de SNAP PAC
Horario: Jueves 26 de Agosto de 2010. 13:00 h. Hora del Pacífico (GMT 20:00)
Duración: 45 minutos más ronda de preguntas
Se recomienda para: Los clientes que usan los sistemas de SNAP PAC
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- Introduction to OptoDataLink, September 9
- How to Use Energy Monitoring to Improve the Bottom Line, September 23
- Controller Redundancy in PAC Control 9, October 7


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