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Learn About Controller Redundancy in PAC Project 9.0

Opto 22 redundant controllers

Join us for a webinar July 22nd on controller redundancy, using PAC Project Professional 9.0, SNAP PAC S-series controllers, and the SNAP PAC Redundancy Option Kit (SNAP-PAC-ROK).

  • See how redundancy works
  • Watch setup and configuration
  • Find out what you need to get started
  • Ask questions

Controller Redundancy Seminar
When: Thursday, July 22, 10 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00)
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Recommended for: Anyone familiar with SNAP PAC controllers
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New Videos: What's New in PAC Project 9.0

What's New in PAC Control 9.0 Video

Two quick OptoMinute videos introduce you to What's New in PAC Project 9.0. Listen fast, and then download PAC Project and see the new features yourself!

What's New in PAC Control 9.0 video
What's New in PAC Display 9.0 video

Ready to see it for yourself? Download PAC Project Basic 9.0 or
PAC Project Pro 9.0.

For more details on the new features, listen to the archived webinar, What's New in PAC Project 9.0.

ISA Expo in Mexico City Draws Crowds

IC22 at ISA Expo Control 2010, Mexico City

Opto 22 International Distributor Instrumentación y Control 22 (IC22) showed Opto 22 products to an interested audience at ISA Expo Control 2010 in Mexico City this June.

"Attendance was great," IC22 reports. "People were interested in wireless PACs and PACs in general; especially they love to see how compact the equipment is." In the photo at left, José Ángel Ortegón of IC22 talks with an Expo attendee.

IC22 has been an Opto 22 distributor in Mexico for several years. In addition to sales, IC22 has a dedicated group of factory-trained engineers providing after-sales support, can recommend integrators and consultants, and offers SNAP PAC System training by OptoCertified trainers.

Contact IC22 at ic22@ic22.com.mx

Tech Tip: Find UL, FM, CE, and other Agency Info

Agency logos

Some applications require products that are approved by a certain agency, such as Factory Mutual (FM) or Underwriters Laboratories (UL). In other cases, you may need to know whether a product meets certain standards (European Union CE standards, for example).

For Opto 22 SNAP PAC System products, we have three ways you can find out on our website:

1. For an individual product, look at the agency logos on the product page. For example, the SNAP-IAC5FM's product page (see image below) shows that it meets standards for CSA (Canadian Standards Association), FM, CE, RoHS (the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive), and DFARS (U.S. Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement).

2. Also on the individual product page, you can find the agency approvals under the Specifications tab. Agency approvals are usually listed near the bottom of the specifications table, just above the warranty information. (Specifications are also in the product's data sheet, available under the Documents tab.)

3. For complete lists of Opto 22 products that meet specific agency standards, see the Agency Approvals page under the Support tab. This page contains documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format that list all Opto 22 products for each agency category.

Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.

Agency approvals on Opto 22 product page


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