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Download PAC Project 9.0 Now

PAC Project 9.0

PAC Project 9.0 Basic and Pro are ready for download! Both support Windows 7 Professional and both have a new look and new features.

  • PAC Project Basic 9.0 adds pulsing, totalizing, ramping, and subroutine types that were previously available only in Pro.
  • PAC Project Pro 9.0 adds controller-level redundancy (also required: two identical S-series PACs and the SNAP PAC Redundancy Option Kit).

Read the Release Notes for more details on new features.

Important note on firmware:

PAC Project 9.0 works with either 8.5c or 9.0 firmware.
If you do not need controller redundancy, use firmware 8.5c.

All new SNAP PAC controllers and brains will continue to ship with 8.5c firmware installed. If you are using controller redundancy, you'll need to download 9.0 firmware for your redundant SNAP PAC S-series controllers.

Product upgrades:

You can upgrade to PAC Project Basic 9.0 for free (of course).

If you purchased PAC Project Professional 8.x or any of its software components on or after October 1, 2009, you can upgrade to the 9.0 version of your purchase for free.

If you purchased PAC Project Pro 8.x or any of its components prior to October 1, 2009, or have an earlier version of Pro, you'll need to buy 9.0 at the regular price. PAC Project Pro is still just $999, and its software components (PAC Control, PAC Display, OptoOPCServer, OptoDataLink) are available separately at $399 each.


Watch the What's New in PAC Control video—60 seconds crammed with information.
Read the Release Notes.
Download PAC Project Basic.
Download PAC Project Pro.

Questions? Call us: 800-321-6786 (toll-free in the U.S) or 951-695-3000

What's New in PAC Project 9.0 Webinar in English y en Español

PAC Project 9.0

PAC Project version 9.0 is here, with many new features in both PAC Control and PAC Display. Next week you'll have two opportunities to see the new features and ask questions: one in English and one in Spanish.

What's New in PAC Project 9.0 Seminar
When: Thursday, July 1, 10 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00)
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Recommended for: Everyone familiar with PAC Project
Register Now

Que Hay de Nuevo en PAC Project 9.0
Horario: Jueves 1 de Julio de 2010. 13:00 h. Hora del Pacífico (GMT 20:00)
Duración: 45 minutos más ronda de preguntas
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Other OptoWebinars coming soon:
- Controller Redundancy with PAC Project 9.0, July 22
- Programming OptoTerminals, July 29
- Recipes in PAC Display, August 21

Tech Tip: Product Comparison Charts Help You Choose

When you're deciding whether PAC Project Basic or PAC Project Pro is best for your system, or which PAC controller to buy, a detailed product comparison chart is just what you need.

Today's tip shows you how to find comparison charts on our website—and it's really easy.

The Learn section is the place to go. Click the Learn tab and then click Charts.

Comparison charts on the Opto 22 website

You'll see quite a few charts listed here. All are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, so they're easy to print and study or hang on your office wall for quick reference.

You can compare:

You'll also find two charts showing which SNAP TEX cables, breakout boards, and DIN-rail clips to use with I/O modules, racks, and controllers.

And if you're migrating from legacy systems, you'll definitely need the legacy and current products compatibility chart. (This one's a monster. To print it, you'll need 11x17-inch paper—but it makes a great series of colorful posters.)

These charts will help answer a lot of questions. But, as always, contact Opto 22 Product Support if you have more questions. We're glad to help!

Summer Classes in Massachusetts

Martindale Associates logo Controlled Environment Structures logo

SNAP PAC System classes have proved so popular this summer that two of our OptoCertified Trainers have added more classes.

Controlled Environment Structures (CES) has added a class in July, and Martindale Associates has added one in August. If you're in the northeastern U.S., this hands-on training may be just what you need.

SNAP PAC System Training in July
When: July 6-8, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Where: 137 High Street, Mansfield, MA 02048
Price: $995 per person.
Space is limited to six people.
For information or to register, call or email Alfred Stadnicki at CES:
Phone: 508-339-4237
Email: astadnicki@cesweb.com

SNAP PAC System Training in August
When: August 3-5, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Where: 65 Avco Road, Unit M, Haverhill, MA 01835
Price: $600 per person. Lunch is included all three days.
Space is limited to six people.
For information or to register, call or email Martindale Associates:
Phone: 978-372-2120 ext. 114
Toll-Free (in the U.S.): 1-800-447-1191
Email: training@martindaleassoc.com


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