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Why You Need an N-TRON Wireless Access Point

N-TRON702-W wireless access point

If you're using wireless for industrial automation—like our award-winning Wired+Wireless™ PACs and I/O—you need a wireless access point (AP) that will stand up to an industrial environment.

We've tested many, and here's the best one we've found: the N-TRON702-W.

N-TRON designed this AP for toughness, with:

  • - Redundant power inputs
  • - Extended environmental specifications
  • - One-million-hour MTBF rating
  • - Support for 802.11a, b, and g
  • - Advanced security algorithms, including WPA2/TKIP

Check out the specs and see why it's the most reliable AP you can buy.

Get Started with PAC Manager & PAC Control: OptoWebinar Shows You How

Learn to use PAC Manager and PAC Control

If you're new to Opto 22 PAC controllers and PAC Project software, this webinar's for you. Opto 22 Director of Training Alexi Beck Gray shows you how to:

  • Assign IP addresses, check and update firmware, and inspect controller status and I/O (PAC Manager)
  • Configure controllers and I/O, create a flowchart, and download and debug your control strategy (PAC Control)

Getting Started with PAC Manager and PAC Control Seminar
When: June 3, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT 17:00)
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Register now

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SNAP PAC System Video Now in Arabic

SNAP PAC System video in Arabic

Our thanks to SAS Group, our OptoPartner and Distributor in Saudi Arabia and other areas in the Middle East, for the latest version of our popular video, Introduction to the SNAP PAC System.

This video is now available with an Arabic voiceover. It was recorded by SAS when they came to Temecula for a recent SNAP PAC System training class.

With the addition of this version, now you can learn about the SNAP PAC System in any of seven languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Arabic.

Watch the Arabic version of Introduction to the SNAP PAC System.
Watch the original video in English.

Tech Tip: Launch an Application from a PAC Display HMI

Our tip this week is from OptoPartner and Distributor Adam Carless of Opto Controls (Pty) Ltd in South Africa. (Do you have a tech tip? Send it to newseditor@opto22.com. If we use it, we'll send you a free Opto 22 polo shirt or 2 GB USB key!)

Adam writes about using a button within a PAC Display HMI to launch an application (such as a command prompt or an Access database used for reporting).

When a button like this is part of the HMI window, the system feels more complete and operators don't have to venture into uncharted PC-land.

Here's how to launch a command prompt to ping a controller, using a button in the PAC Display HMI.

1. Using Notepad or a similar program, create a plain text document. In it, type the command as you would in a command prompt, in this case "ping" and the IP address of the controller. Example: ping

2. Save and close the text document. Then change the file's extension from .txt to .cmd

3. In PAC Display, create the button (Adam suggests you put it in a diagnostics window). Click the button graphic once and choose Edit > Edit Dynamic Attributes.

4. In the Graphic Dynamic Attributes dialog box, double-click Launch Application in the Operator Driven Attributes area. In the Command Line field, click Browse and navigate to the location of the .cmd file you just made.

5. Make any other changes you need for the dynamic attribute and click OK.

6. Save the project and load Runtime. When you click the new button, it will open a command prompt and ping the IP address. Watch for the response, as the window will close quickly.

"When a client calls and says the whole screen is red, this is my first check," Adam says. (When tags on the screen have gone red, that's usually an indication that PAC Display has lost communication with the controller. Pinging the controller to see if you get a reply is a helpful first step in troubleshooting.)

"It saves a lot of time not having to explain to an operator how to ping a controller. It's simple but effective."

For more information, see the section "Launching Applications" in Chapter 9 of the PAC Display User's Guide, form #1702.

Our thanks to Adam for this tip!
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