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What's New in PAC Project 9.0—Webinar Tomorrow

WebEx logo PAC Project 9.0

PAC Project 9.0 will be ready soon. Here's a preview of new features in PAC Control and PAC Display, presented by Opto 22's Director of Training, Alexi Beck Gray.

What's New in PAC Project 9.0 Seminar
When: March 18, 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time
Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
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See other upcoming seminars, including one on Controller Redundancy (also new in PAC Project 9.0) on April 1. No fooling!

OptoGreen Grant Supports Hydrogen Technology

electric light bulb

Our most recent OptoGreen Grant goes to Hydrogen Technologies, Inc. to help train union pipefitters and electricians on the firm's patented thermal hydrogen steam boiler, which can be used to produce electricity.

The new boiler burns pure hydrogen and oxygen, and its only byproducts are heat and clean water, which form steam.

In fact, the boiler is so clean that it produces zero emissions and requires no air permit. It has even been endorsed by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District, an air-pollution regulatory agency that covers the largest area in the state of California.

The SNAP PAC System from the OptoGreen Grant will monitor and control a boiler used for training by the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States and Canada (the UA). The UA will train both pipefitters from their union and electrical workers from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) on engineering and constructing similar boilers.

Could your firm use an OptoGreen Grant? These grants support projects, machinery, products, or research related to renewable energy, energy consumption optimization, sustainability, or environmental remediation. Learn more about OptoGreen Grants.

Tech Tip: Quick Hardware Tips

SNAP PAC shows power connections

This week we have two quick tips on hardware for you: one on connecting power and the other on field wiring distance from a switch to its SNAP-IDC5-SW dry contact input module.

Power Grab. "My second day at Opto, I reversed the power leads on an LCSX-PLUS controller," recalls an Opto 22 employee (who shall remain nameless). This "minor" error produced a wisp of smoke—and a dead controller.

His tip? Double-check connections before attaching power to any device. Positive, negative, and ground are always indicated on controller connectors for standalone controllers, and on mounting racks for rack-mounted controllers and brains. You just have to put your brain in gear and look at them first.

All wiring is important to the health of your system, and we try to make it easy. Basic field wiring for I/O modules is printed on the side of each module, but look at it before you snap the module into position on the rack. For more detail on wiring any Opto 22 product, see the product's data sheet or user's guide, available on our website under the Document tab on the product's page.

SNAP-IDC5-SW has wiring diagram on its case

Going the Distance. Pre-sales Engineer Tom Edwards was asked an interesting question recently: How far can you go from a switch to a SNAP-IDC5-SW dry contact input module? The answer is: a lot farther than you thought.

The module's specs give it a Maximum Allowable On Resistance (wire + contact resistance) of 500 ohms. Since a pair of Cat5 wires is just 35 ohms per 100 meters, you can run them one kilometer (over six-tenths of a mile) and still have a little "wiggle room" for the contact resistance. That's pretty far.

The SNAP-IDC5-SW (and its normally closed cousin, the SNAP-IDC5-SW-NC) are a good choice when labor costs for wiring external power are high, because these modules include power for the switch. Each module handles four switches.

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Do you need help integrating, installing, or updating your Opto 22 system? An OptoPartner can give you the extra hands and experience you need.

OptoPartners come to you, providing onsite support for your system. They can help analyze your system, provide hardware engineering, and even develop software.

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