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Mark Your Calendar: OptoWebinars Rescheduled

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The PAC Display Tips & Tricks Webinar is tomorrow!

Due to a schedule conflict, we've had to move up the PAC Display WebEx seminar to Thursday, December 3, still at 10:00 a.m. PST. Engineer Ben Orchard shares his 18 years of field experience using Opto software.

If you're already signed up, we apologize for the change and hope you can still join us.
If you haven't signed up yet, please register now.

More OptoWebinars upcoming:

Greener Coal?

Coal mine

It's possible! Our latest OptoGreen Grant goes to HydroCoal Technologies, LLC, who efficiently turn coal into a gas or liquid to replace natural gas and crude oil.

The grant provides an Opto 22 SNAP PAC System for a small industrial-size demonstration project in Athens, GA, U.S.A.

Here HydroCoal will use their patented process to produce a syngas that can be used in place of natural gas, without retrofitting. Later they will liquefy the coal to produce a fuel that replaces sweet crude.

HydroCoal's process uses lower temperatures (1200-1600 F.) and simpler technology, and its waste products (such as fly ash and methane) are pure enough to be immediately used by other industries. This more efficient use of coal makes good sense while greener forms of energy are developed.

HydroCoal's SNAP PAC System includes a Wired+Wireless™ SNAP PAC controller and I/O. The company picked Wired+Wireless for their system because they'll be monitoring and controlling the process remotely.

The system will:

  • Control other vendor-supplied controllers, analytical equipment, and variable frequency drives locally through the wired interfaces, so that everything works as a single system.
  • Provide an HMI for remote monitoring and control through the wireless 802.11 WiFi interface.
  • Acquire essential data on process kinetics and operational methods.

HydroCoal's work is attractive to any energy-intensive industry, such as aluminum, glass, or pharmaceuticals. These industries have seen wide fluctuations in the price of natural gas, and several are strongly interested in HydroCoal's process.

We're delighted to contribute to progress in this greener use of coal.
Find out more about OptoGreen Grants.

Tech Tip: Save Yourself Trouble in PAC Display

PAC Display dialog box

Have you ever made a change to your PAC Display project and then decided you liked it better before the change? You'd like to go back to where it was before the change and start over, but how can you?

Well, here's a tip from our Product Support Group (PSG) that can give you that earlier file to go back to. It works in both PAC Display Basic and PAC Display Professional.

  • 1. Open your project in PAC Display Configurator.
  • 2. Choose File > Configurator Options.
  • 3. Check "Auto Increment Version on Save" and click OK.

Now, every time you save the project, it will be saved with a version number appended to the filename. If the project's filename is FactoryHMI, for example, it will be saved as FactoryHMI_1 the first time you save it, FactoryHMI_2 the second time, and so on.

Each time you save, it's like saving a new project. The older file remains intact, so you can go back to it at any time you need to.

Note that a new version is NOT saved when you choose File > Save and Load Runtime, however. It only works when you just save.

And don't forget: When you're sure your new changes are working correctly, be sure to delete earlier versions you don't need to avoid cluttering your PC.

Questions? Comments? Contact Opto 22 Product Support.

Opto 22 Holiday Schedule 2009


There's plenty of time before the end of the year to order products or get expert help on your system from our Pre-Sales Engineers or Product Support.

Opto 22 will be open to serve you during most of December. Please note our holiday schedule below:

Dec 24—Opto 22 offices closed.
Dec 25—Opto 22 offices closed.
Dec 29—Open; last shipping day of the year.
Dec 30—Open for business, but no shipping.
Dec 31—Opto 22 offices closed.
Jan 1, 2010—Opto 22 offices closed.
Jan 4—Open for business as usual. Shipping resumes.


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