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Download New Visio Images for HMIs and System Diagrams

Visio images from Opto 22

We've just put new Visio 2003 image libraries on our website for free download.

These updated libraries are great to use for drawing system diagrams or as additional images for an operator interface (HMI). Make images any size you want and save them in a variety of graphic formats for print or web use. Libraries are compatible with Microsoft® Visio 2003.

Five Visio image libraries are available:

  • HMI and miscellaneous images (samples shown at right)
  • Opto 22 SNAP PAC System controllers, brains, racks, I/O, and more in three views: as if you're looking at them on a panel, on a table, or down from above. These three libraries include new Wired+Wireless models and N-TRON industrial Ethernet switches.
  • Opto 22 legacy products, such as mistic controllers, E1s/E2s, G1 and G4 modules

Take a look at all the samples and download your copies today.

B3000 Brain Steps Down; B3000-B Steps Up

B3000-B Serial Brain

It's been a year since we first announced that we'd be replacing the venerable B3000 serial brain with a newer version, due to the unavailability of necessary parts.

We kept making the B3000 as long as we had parts to use, but now, the final day is here. We're no longer able to ship it and will be shipping the B3000-B instead.

The new B3000-B has been engineered as an easy drop-in replacement for the B3000 and includes all the same functions as the older model, except that it talks mistic only. (If you need an Optomux brain, use the digital E1 or the analog E2.)

The B3000-B can be used with legacy mistic controllers and with SNAP PAC controllers communicating to older racks. The brain is CE approved, and FM approval is pending.

Find an OptoPartner or Distributor on the Opto 22 Website

Find an OptoPartner or Distributor

OptoPartners. When you need onsite support for your automation system, who do you call? An OptoPartner, of course.

OptoPartners provide system design, software, integration with other systems, and much more. Find an OptoPartner with the skills and experience you need in the Support section of our new website.

Distributors. When you need a new PAC controller, SSR, N-TRON switch, or analog module, contact your local Opto 22 Distributor. Distributors are easy to look up in the How To Buy section of our new website.

As always, let us know if you have any problems or suggestions on our new website. And thanks for looking!

Tech Tip: Making Websites in Firefox Easier to Read

Enable ClearType for easier reading in Firefox

We usually give you tips on Opto 22 products, but here's a different kind of tip.

If you use Firefox as your browser on Windows XP and have noticed that text on the Opto 22 website—or other websites—seems unclear, here's something to help.

  • 1. Right-click on your Desktop and choose Properties from the popup menu.
  • 2. Click the Appearance tab. Then click the Effects button.
  • 3. Put a check in the checkbox "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts:" and select ClearType in the dropdown list.

Website text should now be noticeably clearer and easier to read.


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