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PAC Project 8.5 Ready for Download

Opto Month at Allied Electronics

New Opto 22 Website Almost Here

Hot Tips from PSG: Back it Up!

PAC Project 8.5 Ready for Download

PAC Project software suite

Full support for Wired+Wireless™ controllers and I/O are the key new feature in PAC Project 8.5.

Wired+Wireless™ SNAP PACs and brains give you a choice—communicate on a wireless LAN, on a standard Ethernet network, or both at the same time.

Just like a laptop computer, these PACs and brains can switch from wired to wireless without losing functionality. Best of all, switching networks requires no changes to PAC Control logic, I/O, or field wiring.

If you're not using PAC Project yet, here's a good chance to check it out. PAC Project is our complete software suite for automation, monitoring, and data acquisition.

  • Easy to use, with its flowchart-based logic, plain English commands, I/O names you choose, graphical debugger and PID tuner, and single tagname database.
  • All the features you need for your automation application: discrete and process control, complex math, conditional branching, string handling, serial device control, realtime and historical trending, operator security, alarming, and more.

The suite comes in two versions:

  • PAC Project Basic includes PAC Control for control programming, PAC Display for developing operator interfaces (HMIs), and PAC Manager for configuration and testing. It's free with your purchase of a SNAP PAC controller.
  • PAC Project Professional adds OptoOPCServer and OptoDataLink for connectivity with OPC clients and common databases. In addition, Pro supports complex network architectures and legacy FactoryFloor products. Purchase the whole Pro suite or just the components you need.

Download PAC Project Basic 8.5
Download PAC Project Pro 8.5

Opto Month at Allied Electronics

Allied Electronics SNAP PAC Wired+Wireless controllers

Now is a great time to order Opto 22 products through national distributor Allied Electronics.

September is Opto Month at Allied, and they've created a special e-brochure that makes it easy to choose Opto 22 products.

From Wired+Wireless PACs and brains to SNAP I/O for Allen-Bradley PLC systems and everything in between, Allied's e-brochure has the products you need.

See the online brochure.

New Opto 22 Website Almost Here

New Opto 22 website

Before the next OptoNews arrives in your mailbox, you'll notice a difference in the Opto 22 website.

You'll see a new look—and new features:

  • Architectural diagrams and agency approvals right on the product page
  • My Favorites list for products, documents, and downloads you often use (you add them to the list with one click)
  • New product selector to filter products and find the one you need more quickly
  • New Watch section that sorts videos by subject and type

When you see the new site, let us know how you like it and how we can improve it.

Hot Tips from PSG: Back it Up!

Back up your files!

Sometimes we get calls from customers asking if we can help them recover their unarchived PAC Control strategies from an Opto 22 controller. Or recover a PAC Display project. Or extract a Qlarity Foundry workspace from an OptoTerminal.

The answer in all three cases is no.

While frustrating, this answer can be looked at in a positive way: it means your strategy, project, and workspace are secure. If you can't get them and we can't get them, nobody else can, either.

So what do you do? Right now, before your PC's hard drive crashes or some other major crisis occurs, set up a sound backup program.

  • For PAC Control, archive the strategy to the PC (File > Archive Strategy). The archive is a zipped file with everything needed for the strategy. Also consider archiving the strategy to the controller (File > Strategy Options). If you archive to the controller, anyone with access to the controller can recover the strategy. For more on archiving, see the PAC Control User's Guide.
  • For PAC Display, archive the project to the PC (File > Archive Project). Again, the archive is a zipped file containing everything you need.
  • Qlarity Foundry doesn't have an archive feature, but all files are in the same folder on your PC.
  • Finally, here's the most important step: Back up all PAC Control and PAC Display zipped archives, as well as Qlarity Foundry folders on the PC, to a USB flash drive or other medium--and store the backup in a secure location away from your office.

Remember: If you haven't backed it up and your hard drive crashes, we can't help. There's no way to recover it from controllers or terminals. So back it up now, while you're thinking about it.

Questions? Comments? Contact Product Support.


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