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New Videos Introduce Wired+Wireless PACs and Brains

Opto 22 Customer Saves Jobs—and Planes

Design World Discusses Wireless

Hot Tips from PSG: Auto-Negotiate!

New Videos Introduce Wired+Wireless™ PACs and Brains

Watch the two new videos on our website to learn about Wired+Wireless™ SNAP PAC controllers and brains.

PAC Project software suite

In the Wired+Wireless Overview video, Opto 22 Engineer Alexi Beck Gray talks about:

  • why you might want wireless
  • security and performance
  • Opto 22's new Wired+Wireless products

In the Wired+Wireless Configuration video, Alexi demonstrates how to get started with Wired+Wireless PACs and brains.

She uses the free utility PAC Manager and the wired interface to assign IP addresses to the PAC and configure wireless communication.

Then she checks wireless status and signal strength, all in the same utility.

For more information, take a look at product descriptions and specifications or download our white paper.

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Opto 22 Customer Saves Jobs—and Planes

SNAP PAC Wired+Wireless controllers

Last month we introduced Opto customer New Bedford Panoramex (NBP), which designs and manufactures navigational aids for airports.

Now NBP is in the news again, this time because new work from stimulus money has saved jobs at the small California company. CNN Money.com reported the story in a recent article.

Here at Opto we're delighted that NBP is doing well. We recently wrote a case study about the company's control and monitoring systems.

Their Integrated Wireless Access System (IWAS) lets airport control towers monitor and control remote field equipment and lighting systems wirelessly. Opto 22 SNAP PACs and SNAP I/O are key components of the IWAS.

Read the article. Read the case study.

Design World Discusses Wireless

New Opto 22 website

Design World recently wrote about the pros and cons of using wireless in industrial control and monitoring.

With advice on security, increasing system reliability, and choosing products, the article is a good introduction if you're thinking about wireless.

Read the Design World article.

Hot Tips from PSG: Auto-Negotiate!

Back up your files!

When you're using Ethernet devices like SNAP PAC controllers and brains, always configure the Ethernet switch for Auto-Negotiation.

This setting will ensure reliable communications between the switch and the other devices. Here's why.

In the Ethernet standard, if two devices are communicating and one is set to autonegotiate, but the other has a fixed setting that includes full duplex (for example, 100-full), the autonegotiator defaults to half duplex.

Most devices are normally set to autonegotiate. But if the switch that the device communicates through is set to full duplex, the device defaults to half duplex. The resulting confusion can cause collisions on the network.

The switch, set to full duplex, thinks it has a two-lane road and assumes it can transmit at will without fear of collision. But the other device is on a one-lane road headed straight for the switch: when it transmits, any simultaneous transmission by the switch can cause a collision. If a collision occurs, the packet is dropped.

Ethernet is extremely reliable, and a packet drop is very rare. Misconfiguration can cause problems for any Ethernet-based device. For example, a dropped packet can put a PLC into fault, or affect the performance of a chart in PAC Control, or cause an OPC client to trigger a communication fault.

So be safe on the road: make sure your Ethernet switches are set to autonegotiate, and you'll help avoid communication accidents.

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